Chartman I hate you!


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Not really.

I thought, just for once, my guesses :eek: were going to get me somewhere :devilish:

Now then, if I hadn't forgotton to enter last week, we might have tied. Half a book each - not bad.

Anyway, congratulations - how anyone got it right this last week I simply don't know :?:
Hi Orchard

He cheats. He must do. I don't know how he does it, but I know he does.
One day Chartman.......One day :cheesy:
I don't cheat, very much... :cheesy: When I see the end of the comp. coming, I place such huge bets on the DOW that I move the market to where I want it to be. Not hard really. Just takes a lot of sphericals.
Maybe yo''ll whip my but this time.
Ran out of cash so I coudn't pump it any higher... Strange how so many are in the 9400 range....
BTW Orchard, did you get my PM?