200 points on the DOW weekly

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Hi traders

Ive been looking around for ages trying to find a decent trading system or a tipping service, in my time Ive bought 2-3 systems which ended up being just a basis of a real system. Ive tried trading EOD prices which isnt bad but not what Im looking for.

It all points to day-trading which is what I do now and make 200 points roughly each week and might I say v.consistantly. Anyway I cannot take the credit for this coz Its all down to a tipping service that I joined just two months ago. All I do is follow the tipsters trades in (real-time) of course and I make my money like that. At the same time Im learning so I can do it myself eventually.

Just thought I would tell you guys, this is for the struggling traders really, the experienced ones know what there doing already. But we've got to start somewhere and why not start by winning???

Any questions???



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mmmmmmmmmmm I feel a scam appearing with a link shortly - I'm not going to ask him who it is - are you?


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Get back in your cave. :cool:


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This is a genuine service which is just brilliant.

Thanks for pointing that out Mr Bigbusiness Im currently in the motions of having this service fully approved and advertised at Tacticaltrader.



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Nice one eminem!

Never trust a man with 2 names??

The Wanderer

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Whatever happened to Stockmarket King run by Mug2K :?:

Did he abdicate :cheesy: :cheesy:

All seemed to die a death with one short trade on the Dax nearly a month ago :( :(

Are we going down "The Route of Kings" once more?

When will the charge be introduced :-0 :-0

How much will it be :| :|

Will regular trades be posted so that we can cast our expert :D and not so expert :( eyes over these.

Sure that Dowtrader can enlighten us :cheesy: :cheesy:


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This service is not run by me but a very good day-trader. If you require more information then you only need to ask. This is run through icq pro, if your not familiar with this its similar to MSN messenger but much more advanced. As trades are executed a email and instant message are sent out within seconds, so we the client can follow easily. He also updates when the stop moves.

Will post up a testomonial page soon, with actual screenshots of the trades from a finspread account.


p.s this is just an offer for you to get a better look at what I actually do now (trading wise) Maybe its not ideal to just follow somebody elses trades (but 200 points weekly is not to be sniffed at) with good money management and some stake compounding it works out just brilliant.


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Get this Conman off the site the only thing we have in common is Same Warning Points - The only difference is I have a go at Pratts!! (that shoild double me to 10!!)

PS - my 100th post Senior Member now - So show respect!! :p


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Are'nt you the same Wanderer who on the 29th December advised mug as follows..........

"Mug keep posting. Do'nt let the abusers get you down "
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