charting with IB datafeed


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I have an IB account and subscribe to the IB datafeeds

For both EOD and intraday i would like a charting software that will allow me using the IB feed to skim over a few hundred stocks quickly by scrolling down from one graph to the next in a watchlist looking for chart patterns and with a display showing percent gain over the day or month. Like i only want to spend 5 seconds looking at the graph then onto the next graph. I then return to the few graphs i am interested in for more detailed study.

Wondered if anyone can suggest a charting package that can do this with IB ?

might help too. The main 'portfolio window' is a list of your stock symbols with prices, but the default option is a small thumbnail chart next to each symbol, this sounds like what you are after or it might be too basic. The main charts, and the support are very good in my opinion. Free with an advert banner, pay modestly to remove it.
i had a look at quotetracker yes its not bad with those small graphs for intraday

sierracharts looks more suitable for EOD

thanks for the pointers
You can scroll through charts in QuoteTracker with the regular charts as well. Just open up one intraday chart, link it (click the pin in upper right corner), click on the first symbol in your portfolio. Now to change symbols, just hit the down arrow on the keyboard.

As for suiltability for EOD charting, check out the new historical charts in QuoteTracker beta version. Fully dynamic - work the same way as our intraday charts. (have full UK support too :) )

(also added P&F charts for both EOD and intraday)
OK thanks i looked again

yes it is ideal, i like scrolling through graphs by pressing the down key, i tried it on intraday.

for EOD i would like to look at 12 months plus data
this i cannot do with IB feed

Do you know an EOD source that will work with quotetracker with 12 months plus history
1. for uk stocks
2. for european stocks
3. usa stocks
correct - IB does not currently have EOD data in affect.

With QuoteTracker, you will be able to get EOD charts on any symbols supported by BigCharts, so in affect:

United States
New Zealand
United Kingdom
Hong Kong
South Africa

Others (like futures) are supported by various subscription sources (IQFeed, eSignal, Prophet, etc) as well as a number of brokers (CyberTrader, ChoiceTrade, RML, etc)

Jerry Medved
i tried with big charts

yes they are good in quotetracker

of course would be better if it was possible to use the link feature with big charts to the portfolio like it is possible with prophets data

this would then allow scrolling of non usa stocks as i think prophets are usa only

You are confusing the old historical charts from Prophet and BigCharts with the new stuff. The beta version has new historical charts that work the same way as the intraday charts - fully dynamic. Can get data from both BigCharts, Yahoo, Prophet (Prophet would need a subscription) as well as other sources. These charts are FAR more powerful than the static historical charts you have been using up to this point:

i tried the beta with the Yahoo feed these are much better i agree, very good, allowing scrolling from one graph to the next

can't find a way to change the price to percentage change from start of period of the graph

is there a way ?
Depending on the exchange you track and Level I source, may be better to use BigCharts as the Historical Backfill source instead of Yahoo.

As for percent change, cannot do that