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I had not noticed the Capriva branding, probably because I'm not in the marketing segment they are targeting! :alien:

So let me get this right....

The central company (Tradeslide) has two investment entities Darwinex and the more recent Capriva.

Obviously it isn't going to take a genius to work out where the strategies for Capriva originate.

you get paid once they get paid twice.

Am I right?
So Darwinex has a sister and until yesterday, when morehastelessspeed posted on the subject, this has never ever been mentioned, at all, anywhere here on the boards :unsure:

Maybe this an invite only thing? for the big boys?

$THA is named Thales in Capriva land https://team.alphanet.io/factsheet/s/thales/84r6js3/

I assume Capriva/Alphanet is part of their white label or SaaS solution they call Darwinex Pro.

It is offered since at least two years and I never saw it live before @morehastelessspeed published the link above.

It includes only the strategies to promote which explains that you found a fact sheet only for THA or Thales (their strategy name).
The finbou website used to mention darwin THA .
Now we can find only Capriva.
This means the Capriva conditions are better for finbou than Darwin conditions.
Yes that is clear.
What is missing is something like:
"For non professional investors we offer Darwin THA"
I think they don't want more investors there :)

If you look atAdjusted quote at the Excel sheet (to download) their investors lose more than half of THA's profit on divergence and fees.

The Darwin view at Darwinex ignores divergence and fees.

This is a more honest view there:
I have no idea mate, not a clue.

I had hoped this section of the boards, in darwin land as it were, would have some idea if not added other darwins.

No matter was just a bit of fun (y)