Can we get loan for trading?


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I just got a idea in my mind that can we get loan for trading and there are any company which provides loan to new traders to start their trading?


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Hello!Good idea. At least there must be a way to support new market participants on they trading journey. Have you heard of BluFX? It is a broker that does exactly what you think. It is a broker that supports you financially just as they expose you to the forex markert. You are not given a loan that you have to pay back, but you subscribe monthly for a funded account. All you do is pay a monthly fee the first time you want to subscribe and you are given a funded account to begin trading and for your next subscription, you can pay from your profits. It's that simple! The monthly fees depend on the account size you want, and believe it, the fees are fair. The smallest account size starts from $25k. Sounds good to be true? Go see your self! (BluFX)


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There are a few companies which kinda do this. but you have to pay an upfront fee and pass their evaluation.. then they will give you money to trade with a profit split. As you make money for them, they increase the amount. The one I used was called the 5'ers -
Note, i don't have any affiliation to them


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Sorry to sound so negative about it, but if you're serious about borrowing money to trade short term price fluctuations you could possibly be insane.
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In general terms, new traders are losing traders. Most of them lose heavily and quickly and get wiped out before ever understanding why.

Any trader who needs to borrow money because they're losing money trading has the wrong solution to the problem. The solution is better trading, not more money.
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An alternative to borrowing money to increase your available capital is to lend money.

Lend money to traders under an agreement that they pay you a percentage of the profits plus the original loan.

Obviously they will trade using the strategy that you have which you would be trading if only you had more money...........


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A covid bounce back loan was covering up to £50,000 with no interest or fees for a year. The insane thing about the loans it required absolutely no means test, no documentation ie balance sheet, cash flow forecasts etc even bank statements
by far the easiest way to get 50k. I'm not entirely certain if banks are still doing this, but if money is what you're after then it doesn't get easier than this


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Why is this idea so attractive? The speed at which the problem is solved. Today you have no money for trading, and tomorrow you will be able to immediately conduct serious financial operations. As for the return of debt with interest, you hope to get a profit, which exceeds the interest rate. Unfortunately, the reality isn't so great - loans have ruined a lot of traders.
What is the danger of a loan taken for the initial deposit in trading? High risk, which is typical for beginners. Even having chosen a low risk strategy, a beginner trader usually makes a lot of mistakes. The trading system has not yet been perfected, the craving for experiments is high, and the adrenaline waves cover the head. The beginner doesn't yet know how to control his emotions well.
The result is sad: instead of a great start and a quick profit, you lose credit money with interest. And ahead of you - another year (or maybe two, three, five) you give away the money you borrowed.
You are an adult and you are building your own destiny. But don't forget at least about the basic rules of risk management when applying for a loan:
-You can take a loan only if you have a stable source of income. Payments on credit shouldn't exceed 30% of the guaranteed income.
- It is desirable to have a reserve to cover credit obligations for at least three months, or better - six (in case you lose a permanent source of income and will look for a new one).

Trader H.C.

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One of the biggest reasons traders fail is because they are having the wrong expectations.

You shouldn't be trading too much when you're starting out. And borrowing money to trade is considered too much.

Why Most Traders Fail to Make Money
WHY Most Traders fail_.png


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There are companies which provide loans for trading, but I won't recommend trading with borrowed money.
One should always risk those funds in trading which he can afford to loose.


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I don't think it is a good idea. Have u heard of the relevance of emotional discipline in trading? If u try to trade using borrowed money, if u suffer a lose , the concern of repayment will put u in a bad state of mind, desperate to make it back & u could lose all


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I don't think it is a good idea either... I see why you would feel the need to do this, it is very hard to start trading if you don't have enough capital to start with. But risking borrowed money can end up really badly.
The only asset where this seems to work well is investing in real estate, then renting it out and paying the mortgage like that, but that is quite different from trading.
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Of course you can, but think twice before choosing the loan service. I would recommend you 15 minute loans from direct lenders. This type of loan is very fast. These loans are easy to apply for, and by paying every day, you will quickly pay them in full. I took out a quick loan to buy professional gardening equipment. I was able to give it all away in six months. I took out a low-interest loan, and the paperwork took about an hour. So I suggest you do the same. This has helped me trade and win a lot more, so now I don't even need such loans! I am very happy that I did this, and I have already given up trading, because now I don't need it at all.
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