Can we get loan for trading?


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Firstly, I think the idea of borrowing money for trading is ridiculous. But it is possible nonetheless. Big banks, public or private, will not give you money for this purpose. But microloan companies will be only too happy to give you money. They're not interested in what you do with the money or how you're going to repay it. They are only glad to fleece you of everything that you own. When I got excited about the idea of trading but had no money, I was able to get a loan at At first, trading was going well, but then I just started losing money. Then I realized that soon I wouldn't have the money to pay it back.
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That is a very risky idea, to be honest. No, obviously, it’s your choice what you will do with those money, but I really think that for trading, you must start with your own money. This way, and only this way, you won’t feel that pressure that if you lose some money, you will have troubles. Follow my example, I have once fallen for that, and it didn’t end well. Nevertheless, if you still want a credit for a purpose like that, you can have it here As a regular bank will not borrow you money for such a deal, here you can have your money easily.
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@Shanalotte i don't think taking a loan from a bank or institute is a good idea, rather a trader could use leverage offered by their brokers according to their trade. And moreover you are right, regular banks won't agree to give a person a loan for trading, because at the end of the day, it's a risky business.


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I would just go through a prop firm like FTMO or 5%rs if you can actually trade. They'll front the money you just have to follow their rules don't borrow high interest money to trade bad idea


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If you can actually trade, you won't need to borrow money. Speculative markets are leveraged and highly scalable; all the money that you need is already there.


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Not sure I see this as a good plan. I am not sure who would loan a new trader any funds. I would have said this would only be available for highly experienced traders with a proven track record. I would give yourself more time and build up from a low balance. That way you keep all of your own profits.
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