Can anyone help / advise??


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Had a stop loss triggered on a long position on the CAC yesterday by my broker - closed out at 2925.20, but all the figures I get from bigcharts / advfn suggest that the CAC never fell to that level at that time of the day (8.45am) and only fell to 2934 around that time, then followed by a high at 2989 later - the same high also not reflected by my broker who says the high was at 2978.8.....

Is anyone able to verify if this is in fact the case (my broker says it is, not surprisingly) and if so where I may be able to obtain more accurate (and preferably free!) EOD stats in future, rather than the likes of bigcharts etc.


I'm no expert on this however, I did have a similar occurence a little while back.

What you need to bear in mind that, your stop loss figure is based on the spread prices that are being maintained by your broker. The under lying market price of the stock did not reach your stop loss figure. However, you'll find that your Brokers spread price did. Hence, your stop loss got activated. I hope you made some profit on the the deal.


Sadly no profit yesterday, hence bit hacked off.

Still, you win some, you lose some, and we cant win them all, or everyone would be at it and then the government would certainly find some way of stuffing the lot of us, so I suppose its healthy....

(Still hacked off though!)

Thanks for the link, Helen, I'm getting it sorted as I write this.

The STOP orders would worry me too with brokers that are market makers at the same time. :(
If you trade futures rather than spread bets you can look at Time and Sales. They can't screw you!
I agree with Oatman. If I had a stop triggered, I would expect it to show on a pirce chart.
Thanks for your comments everyone.

As always, the learning continues....
"If you trade futures rather than spread bets you can look at Time and Sales. They can't screw you!"

Oatman, ever heard of expression "painting the tape"?

There's plenty of trickery going on in all markets. Some are monitored more strictly than others. At least with Time&Sales you've got some ammo and half a chance. I was once given a stop fill on Ftse Fut that I was watching on 1min Teletext prices.
Not the best way to follow a market. I checked Time&Sales with a friend at another broker. I had seen about 4 points from my level. I argued it for about 20 minutes 'til they owned up. It was someone else's fill. If I'd not argued would the other party have owned up?
I went on to take about 60 points on that one.

Be lucky,
“Be lucky”

I’ll go along with that!

There is an old Croation saying (please, forgive the crudeness):

“It is far better to be without pr|ck than without luck! Because…

…if you lucky you’ll have a pr|ck too!”

Hi rossored,

You didn't say who your broker was.

Don't forget that when you say you are trading the CAC you are actually trading a future of some kind. You may be looking at a CAC index chart which is different.