Charting Spread Firm's Actual Hi & Lo's


i have recently opened an account with IG Index primarily for paper trading. Their website provides the ig index daily high & low for each market. The high low quotes are from approx midnight to midnight as like most spread firm's ig is 24 hours even though the underlying market eg ftse is open 8 - 4.30. Quite simply without having to stay up each night at around midnight to record the daily ig index hi & low for specific markets thus being able to chart what the quoted market is doing to use inconjunction with ct software would anyone know where i can obtain this info or if anyone is regularly glued to their pc's this time of night then maybe could we come to some arrangement whereby the hi / low figures are emailed to me.

NB i can obtain current & historical data via my broker for the underlying market however it is the spread firm's own specific hi / low' i am after

please reply



Welcome to T2W :)

hmmmm, you could use the high and low of the futures markets. should give the H & L's.

Speadbetting companies mainly base their spreads on the Futures market so this will be a fairly accurate figure.

Not quite what you had in mind but HTH :)