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Camarilla {b} Equation Calculator

Anyone heard of or used the above calculator? Is it just a pivot calculator which produces similar results to many freely available on the net?
When I looked at a chart with the points plotted it looked very much like adjusted pivot points. There seems to be several services that take pivot points, add or deduct a few points, call it by a fancy name and sell it.
have heard of it, used it and it seems remarkably good interms of its acurracy. I use it because i like to have a degree of confidence in a market move and i dont like to spend all day looking at a screen and so use limits and stops to open and close. The Original Camirilla equation is remarkably good for trading the open, especially on the dow, for quick and often enough substantially profitable trades. If your smart enough, you can work out the formula behind the original equation as its not as complicated as `they` try and make out ;) I`m still trying to work out the {b} formula as id like to save the money if i can! In my experience, though both formulas spell everything out for you on an intraday basis, you still need discipline and ned to know your market inorder to avoid getting stopped out unnecessarily. In a nut shell its a simple and pretty neat system in my opinion. Its made me more than its cost me and seems to reduce the level of my exposure time wise pretty consistantly as long as i follow the rules.

There is also a website that gives you the original equation levels for the dow for free.
rocwell said:
There is also a website that gives you the original equation levels for the dow for free.

Do you have the link for this? I know there was also quite a long thread on Elite about Camarilla.
Yep. The link is

I will send you the password if you send me your e-mail address. I know that it is a subscribers site but he gives the password out without charge at the moment to those who had joined before May this year. To illustrate the point about accuracy, i have just checked his calculations and you would have expected a reversal in the dow at 9313.9. By my calculation it was 9318. As I was out by a few points i missed the large sell of on the dow but i didn't go long at the open thanks to the formula! The formula gives you an idea on where to place a stoploss as well and today, if you went long, (which i didnt cos i kind of understand the dynamics of the DOW as a market--- always important to know your market!) i would have been stopped out for a 25 point loss. Might sound a lot but the certainty makes it something i dont mind stomaching!
Re: above. I Say subscibers i supose i mean members as there is no charge to anyone yet..........
rocwell, do you still have that password to that site available. I have searched for information on the camarilla equation all over the place and have come up with nothing useful
camarilla equation

Ive used it. The {b} is as far as i can make out for 'beginners', and pretty much applies breakouts at pivots. The original eq tho is very different - ive been trading a while, and i still sometimes almost gag when i see how the 8 levels r overlayed on the next day's chart (i only trade sp, no idea how it does on anything else btw). careful with the pw*rds boys, i had to grovel cos they obviously track multiple accesses to the system & figg'd out my pwd had ... 'got into the public domain somehow'...!!! :)

ps here's one of the charts off the site - my b'day! nice, huh?!


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Camarilla Equation

Fellow traders,

I have a question. I came across this web site . It looks like a pivot point calculation, but then with 8 levels. I tried to find out more about the formula used, but so far without any luck. Is there anybody who can shed some light on this ?

Thanks in advance, regards,

There's a seperate thread on it somewhere. Search for 'camarilla'. As far as I know that site has it sewn up. Another way to blow a couple of hundred dollars per month.

The formula must be out there, but don't know where.

Just another fancy way of calculating pivots?
Camarilla Equation

Browsing the various T2W threads last night, someone mentioned the "Camarilla Equation".

I followed a few links, but apart from a US compnay offering 'it' at $99 there wasn't too much of any substance.

It looks like a (glorified) pivot points calculator. Certainly appears to use the same input (H,L,C possibly even O as well) and generates 8 R/S lines with special emphasis on L3 and L4 (whatever they may be) I believe.

Thing is, I'm a real junkie for these types of systems. Not just in their prime form but also for what else they might mean (if you know what I mean!). Problem is - I can't find any specifics oh how it's calculated.

Just tried Amazon search and all I got was a load of Vampire Gamne stuff (!!!!).

Antyone have any pointers of specifics - I'd really appreciate it.


It looks as though the formula is a closely guarded secret of as all searches end up back there.

BUT, they give an example of the calculator for 21 May 2003 and from those figures I have calculated the formulas as:

L4= (high-low)*1.1/2+close
L3= (high-low)*1.1/4+close
L2= (high-low)*1.1/6+close
L1= (high-low)*1.1/12+close

L1= close-(high-low)*1.1/12
L2= close-(high-low)*1.1/6
L3= close-(high-low)*1.1/4
L4= close-(high-low)*1.1/2

Basically L4 is the breakout level in either direction and is just yesterday's range + 10% distributed evenly around the previous close.

All the levels are just evenly distributed around the previous days close.

Without having another set of calculated figures to work on I can't be 100% sure that the above is correct, but it seems to make sense!

That'll be $99 please!
That $99 cheque will be in the post just as soon as I've made my first $99 using the formula.

I assume you'll cover my losses until then?

Thanks for the formula - I'll have a play with it, but I'm not sure why/if it's different/better than pivot points or why there is the mystique that surrounds it.

Maybe people wouldn't pay $99 otherewise.

Just a shot in the dark!!!

Interesting analysis on link- it seems that reduction in volatility always has a very negative effect on these systems-

It might be a case that one could use discretion - since i always find these type of mechanical systems suffer from inflexibility

e.g. in the ES, maybe look for some kind of basing action around the LL3 so that u dont enter blindly !!