Buy and sell signals


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I have been studying a system in a very good book.
Fibonacci Ratios with Pattern Recognition by Larry Pasavento.
This gives a good buy and sell pattern called the Gartley 22 Pattern.
If you have not read the book it would be difficult for me to explain the system.
This pattern gives reliable buy and sell signals at the likely top and bottom of a good rise or fall in the chart price.

I would like to see if any one has read this book and to have their opinion on the subject.
When you say it is 'reliable' what do you mean (%ages) and how do you know it is 'reliable'?
As I said,I am studying the pattern and others in the book and found it works on the FTSE stocks and index.
I really want to see opinions of any other T2W members.
I found a couple of articles by seraching for Gartley on there, may be worth you looking at.


Thank you Helen,I appreciate your help,will let you know how I get on.