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Really showing my ignorance here!!! When I run my cursor to the edges of the window, it bounces off as if hitting a brick wall!! I can't vary the size of the window! Plus when I click on a link -- the new window appears at about 3by3 inches. I can maximise it OK by clicking the icon, but this is annoying and microsoft aren't open yet! p.s -- can maximise new window with cursor also
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Just tried system restore and that worked! But I'd still like to know if it was something I did - or otherwise.


Sounds very strange jonnyy40.

Which window was causing you to be boxed in, was it Internet Explorer? And if so, what page were you viewing - or was it with all pages? IThough I still can't think what could have caused it!


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All pages. I tried Microsoft but when I said all pages were affected -- she told me to get in touch with E-machines!! So I tried system restore and that did the trick. When I first used the internet I relied on the microsoft firewall and when I installed Norton Internet I had several alerts that some Belgian b#st#rd was trying to hack me.But before I installed Norton Internet I went to the Symantec site and 'took' their system scan -- and all was well, apparently. But I've often wondered if this foreign f##### and his mates left something on here.


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There are a number of free online scans. Try
Also try for afree firewall
and for anti virus
And for ads and spyware and

All free and will keep you nice and clean

Once you've cleaned up try
for a Tune Up.

That should keep you busy!



It is unlikely that someone will have left something on your PC. Most firewall warnings are caused by websites scanning to update any cookies you have on your PC. My firewall blocks over 100 attempts per day to access my machine.



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Thanks all!

It's nice to have some feedback -- like you say Oatman plenty to think about.
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