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Ok, yes I am bored, Dow bit dull today anyway getting ready to watch Leeds Man U tonite.

Who reckons Leeds will be in Administration by end of next year.

Before you ask yes I am a Leeds fan.
Hi Dazzam

I thought this belonged in the Football Focus board. Hope you don't mind.

Sorry to hear your a Leeds fan.
It was the ultimate champions league gamble that both you and Chelsea took - the only difference is that Chelsea found a rich business man. I think the same will happen to Leeds, someone was sniffing around Aston Villa earlier in the season.

It's a shame that you (the fans) are suffering because of poor management - having said that, if it had of worked Leeds fans would have been smiling from ear to ear :rolleyes:
Thanks for that FTSE. Yeah I would agree we would but I can really see us struggling. Certainly if as I really dread we get relegated (It'll never happen)
Hi Dazzam

Leeds are too big to go down....aren't they :confused:
Mind you I said the same thing about Coventry. It's still early in the season, look at Newcastle 3 weeks ago, the club was in sorts of trouble (if you read the press) and now mid-table and a European place beckoning.

I think I know what you mean though, the situation doesn't look good, but I think there are other clubs who will drop.
I hope so, oh well nice easy game Saturday Arsenal at home....oh bring it on.
Their shares went up 25% today. Figure that out! I think Peter Reid is a great manager....rock on Leeds, but I'm not a Leeds fan. If Fulham can stuff Man U , so can Leeds.....
Well anything is better than Venables...But yes I do like Reid just concerned at the players we have in that none of them have ever really been used to scrapping. Another 5 games I reckon to see how the season is really going to go.
Yeah..he started the season quite brightly but then faded. I don't even recognise half of the Man U names.
dazzam said:
I don't even recognize half of the Man U names.
Neither does Alex Ferguson going by Saturdays result :confused:

Hi Sidinuk

To this day I still don't know how West Ham went down. That will confuse me for years to come :rolleyes:
Hi ChartMan,


what a nightmare.
Who cares?

Leeds were always a second rate team.. after the 1970s or was it the 1960s? Sounds like Spurs - another team living on past glories...

Still Birmingham and Man City show what can be done.. if you have wealthy backers..
Leeds showed last night what they can do with a "leftovers" team.They were robbed by a blind ref who missed a clear penalty incident. it's history now.:(
My sentiments exactly.

madasafish at least we nearly got there in recent years, yes it was a gamble and it nearly paid off, at least we managed to get out of the first group stages at first time of asking. Seems to be slightly better than the likes of Newcastle, Arsenal.
ooohhh no fella, just replying to madasa, I really want all teams in Britain to do well as it is good for British football just making a point. I like newcastle apart from having Woodgate but hey at least he did not go to Man U like another one I could mention.