Bloomberg 'Making Money'

FWIW - in The City, alm - CNBC is the norm on the TV monitors ( rather than Bloomberg TV)
Tom's on cnbc today, for all those who missed his Bloomberg slot, I hope Kavita dose the interview, should be an good one!! :D

Cheers a320
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I think I know who u talking abt as well, but can't remember her name niether (perhaps a "Jane" something?... now it'll drive me nuts as well.... ;)

So what do u know abt what happened to all the other presenters? i like those presenters .... they become part of the furniture don't they....

Was Tom on Bloomy this morning? When was that? I saw the usual 10.34 ish slot but it was someone else on there....

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You may be thinking of Janey Mitchell - she co-presented with Rishaad Salamat, if memory serves.

But I'm sure there was a female co-presenter with Paul George and this is the name that I can't remember.

Thanks for bringing it back to my attention - now it's driving me nuts again :rolleyes:

I must get out more and find a life ;)

Evelin Brody used to do lunch time pieces, not seen her for ages?

Dsmodi, Tom was on Bloomberg last Monday ( I think) its cnbcs turn today :D

Cheers a320.

I could kiss you :cheesy:

Thanks is not enough - you have saved my sanity. The drinks are on me if ever we meet.

Much appreciation.

Hi sunseeker,
If you have the time Please put a320--dsmodi--FatCanary and
salmacis (Out of their fantasy notions) and tell them which lucky female is interviewing you later today on tv :cheesy:

PS. Have CITY opened any odds on this event yet :?: :D :D :D :D :D :D
It would have a wide spread if they did!!!!! (sorry city people) I think I'll have to set up a pole on who's the most popular Bloomberg/cnbc bird!! I'll have to speak to FTSE Beater about polls!!!! :D

Cheers a320
Can I nominate cath king ? I think she is lovely and feminine

Whatever happened to Simon Hobbs from CNBC , I think he was the best presenter on tv.
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Ms D Bolton gets my vote :cheesy:

Kavita gets one as well...., even though she jumped ship replacing saucy Emma Crosby who now co hosts sky news sunrise :D

Cheers a320