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Ok here it is. I've been knocking around this site for a while now reading, but not too much in the way of posting because I am sh1te at punctuation, grammar etc and I am well aware that some stuff I write on the forum is hard to follow.

I have traded and educated myself now for over 4 years. I had no patience with demo accounts/paper trading And I went str8 in at the deep end, causing me to blow up 2 accounts within 2 years (glad that's now behind me)

Still, after all this time I still trade. What I have found is that it is a lonely business. None of my mates or family have any interest in the markets. I reached out on t2w first to try and meet with like minded people that were finding it a pretty lonely pastime.

Anyhow... I started a group in a attempt to have regular get togethers with folks that trade, and bingo I got some folks that joined the group. The group started in September 2015 and so far we have met up around 10 times in Birmingham and currently we have 46 members. This is great! however, remember me saying I have blown 2 accounts and I have only 4 years of experience? Well it turns out and I did not expect this to happen, I am one of the 2 members with any practice experience in the group ( fookn talk about the blind leading the blind ) this was not supposed to be the case however I kept rolling with it

What was it supposed to be like? Well, I envisioned that some members would have some real money trading experience. I thought that some members would be active day traders or be position/trend traders investors. Wishful thinking on my part.

The group is very inexperienced but is full of keen folks that have proved they are willing to learn, I am not to comfortable with giving advice as I still ain't sure if I am doing things right! So I can just give them accounts of the experiences I have had in my short trading career.

The members in the group need to get off on the right foot and have the correct and sensible information. I believe that if I share the Anton trading course with my members and we all work through it on a weekly basis this must be a good start for them as their going to get AND yes I know there are 100s of guys out there that can give newbies a good solid start but Anton was my choice. (No posts pls on the merits of Anton, there's plenty of threads already for that)

I propose to showcase the programme over an 8-week period and study as a group face to face at a central location in Birmingham.

Why? After listening to some members and this is just my opinion, unfortunately some in the group feel rightly or wrongly that all they need is a spread betting account or fx account, a chart that they can draw lines on and couple of grand starting capital and the lovely ladies will come running ... I strongly disagree with this approach ... Initially these were my thoughts, but **** I have never been so wrong! Don't get me wrong here day traders can and do make good returns with a chart a little more .... Just not for me .... For me I like the Anton approach but we need to have an awareness of day trading and chartist mentality because they are good at timing the the market

The programme will give them a framework to follow which I feel is a great start for the inexperienced and hopefully make things a little easier for them.

So currently any members that is committed to getting a solid first step (for me this was probably around my 4th step I wish it could of been my 1st as it would of made a world of difference) will get access to the Anton programe, real vision TV and geopolitical futures (George freidman) that compliment each other imo

So if we have any guys here at trade2win that can meet and share your experiences with our growing group please drop by. At the moment its still a bit of fun as none of us really have a clue what we're doing, but we are a real good bunch and we have a scream whether it's about the markets or not

I trade full time. I look for 5% per month and it's working out so far. I went full time in November 2015 so I'm still in my infancy. I am sure that my education has ring fenced me from another blow up. I would not of gone full time if it was not for the programme that Anton flogs and I believe it is the main contributor to me gaining my 5% per month and then overlaying rvtv and geo political subscriptions we hav available

Anyone that fancies dropping into one of our meet ups can join and find venues dates etc at the link below. It's a group that will continue to grow and I am in the process of putting designated premises together for live trading and study periods which will be a smart venue near the jewellery quarter when finished

Hope to meet like minded folks some time
Meeting others can be problematic if traders have different styles. Your confidence can be undermined if they espouse a different analysis.
However you seem to have created an Anton group!
This can be productive when a group all follow an identical method.

What is the Anton method? Links?
PS: I am in Shropshire, so not too far away.
Hi , yeah on the face of it it does seem that I have created an Anton group , however this way of approaching the markets is just one event that the group is hosting . I also have hosted "Tom Williams final mentorship program" hoping to grab the attention of the newbie that likes price action! again it was something that I went with ....there were many ....but Tom was mine... And will do the same with john murphy and one other I have.

Hopefully nobody's confidence will be undermined as we are able to cover a few styles thanks for pointing that out trendie it was something that I did not think about but you are totally correct

As the members are less experienced than myself I would just like to point out the problems I have encounter eg when I blew my accounts I was the biggest student of Tom Williams and I understood his teachings did I blame his course for me blowing up hahaha damn right I did at the time ... was it ? NO I doubt it LOL. The problem was I was trading futures When I had no right to be .
Then Anton came along and completely different to what I had ever seen and I do not care what anybody says and there is a lot said on the forums if you can get hold of the programme and you are serious about giving your self some protection in the market you must do it before you put real capital at risk because it sets a good foundations for you to build on and that is all it does Timmy magic did a post here a couple of days ago I think he sums the programme up nicely .

If I was to be honest trendie I would be delighted if the members did follow an identical method this would help me out as I go forwards and inwill do my best to encourage the members to do this

Trendie the method overall is a great starting point it's no walk in the park but a few folks working few it at the same time would simplify it . As for links just do a simple google search for institute of trading and portfolio management

Hope to see you one day Shropshire is not to far

Hi Chocabloc, I'm from Worcester but in Birmingham a lot and I would be very interested in meeting up with you guys. I have been trading for just over 2 years on demo accounts and just started trading with real money so would be good to meet like minded folks like yourselves.

Fellow Traders in Birmingham

Hello all!

I'd be very interested to meet up with fellow traders in the Birmingham area. When is the next meeting? Could someone pm me details or point me in the right direction? I'm a budding trader with a little real money experience. My friends are fed up hearing about the markets, so I'd like to meet people who actually want to hear about my ups and downs.


i will meet up let me know when you are available and we will grab a coffee or whatever .