Birmingham, UK. FX Traders

Oct 15, 2014
Hi Everyone,

The reason why I wanted to start this thread is to bring some FX traders in Birmingham (UK) together and maybe even create a group that meets on the weekend to exchange ideas and experiences in the forex markets. It really doesn't matter if you are a PRO or a novice (pros probably won't have the time anyway:cheesy:). In my case I don't have anybody to talk to about trading as a lot of my colleagues or friends don't have the interest in FX and everybody who is trading knows that this is a lonely venture. All I am saying, if you are a trader who likes the idea of getting together in person or skype to exchange ideas and experiences just reply to this thread or PM me, maybe we can sort something out. Thanks.


Junior member
Dec 25, 2017
I'm willing to talk. I dont use skype because it bogs down my comp while I stream or record videos. But I do have a discord channel. If you don't know what that is. It's basically a chatroom. I believe it's possible to also screen share without me going live on Youtube.

This link shouldn't expire so yeah. If anyone wants to join they are more then welcome to share ideas or chit chat.