Bloomberg 'Making Money'


I realise this is pathetic and I need to get out more, but......

During the day, up until about September last year, Bloomberg TV's programs were fronted by two presenters, a lady and a gentleman. From 0600 to 0900 it was Mark Barton and Kavita Maharaj. From 0900 to 1200 it was Rishaad Salamat and Janey Mitchel. From 1200 to 1500 it was Paul George and ?????

Who was the other woman? I may have got the times and pairings wrong but I still can't account for the 3rd lady. Can anybody help? Please.

It's driving me nuts :rolleyes:

Many thanks in advance.

Oh and Tazeen Dunna (now Acmad) did talking tec at 13:15, with edi lush @ the big board after bill.
I thought Chantelle Osbourne was originally on the 'Money Desk' sharing it with Tazeen Ahmed (nee Dunar) and Guy Collins. I'm sure there was somebody else with Paul George. But thanks for the reply and I could be wrong. :cool:


Yes. I know I'm sad. But you know when you just can't think of something.......?

....and whatever happened to Eadie Lush? I've accounted for Sally Bundock's where abouts ;)

She's had a baby, hope this helps :)

FC, list all the name's you have and we'll help fill in the gaps!!
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What about the woman who read the news and used to start giggling half way through? Sometimes they had to let someone else take over. Excellent TV but she now seems to have it under control.
If you suffer from insomnia try a recording of Guy Collins.
As for the female presenters, could they report with their hands tied behind their backs? :cheesy:
The newsreaders are terrible.
I have Bloomberg on, sound off!
I also like the way adverts come on just as a figure is due out.
Anything for a laugh.......

Thanks for that. I took a couple of months off during Q4 of last year and when I returned to Bloomberg the format had changed and everybody had gone :|


I'm surprised Cat King (nee Hutchins) kept her job. She did brighten up the news though. The best humour, for me, comes from Brian Sullivan.

No Problem FC,

Kavita has jumped ship to MSNBC, (she always gets a complementary mention in the chat room :p )
While saucy Emma Crosby if off to SKY News for the early morning slot!
I was unable to watch Sunseeker (Tom) this morning, as I only get CNBC with my Telewest package. Can anyone tell me if it is worth upgrading (approx £10.00/mth) to get Bloomberg as well?



It depends. I personally can't get on with CNBC - it doesn't seem to be quite as 'professional' as Bloomberg. IMO.

However, I'm not sure whether you would gain any additional information from Bloomberg over CNBC. I've not had the stomach to watch CNBC for more than 5 minutes at a time so I'm not sure what their overall content is like.

I suspect with a £10 package upgrade you would get more than just the Bloomberg channel though so it may be worth it. In any case you should be able to cancel the upgrade and revert to your previous package after a month.
As with a lot of things it boils down to personal preference - try it and see ;)

I have to admit I'm more biased towards Bloomberg, but its down to personal preference.

Both are v good but Bloomberg seem to be quicker on breaking news?

Cheers a320
FWIW - Bloomberg on the web is delayed (can't remember exactly how long, at least 30 seconds though I think :confused: )

I suppose this is not a problem if you do not need breaking economic news.

Purplekiwi, you did'nt miss that much, Tom gives a much more detailed description on the path of the dow on these boards.

Fatcanary is right Bloomberg was much better before Sept 2002.

Cheers a320.
Thanks for all that - I will try watching on the web for a while.
I still can't get used to the speed and quality of the replies on these boards - its brilliant!

Thanks again