Black swan BANNED.

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Aug 17, 2011
What did he do? was he touting for business with his post about paid for meetings with clients? Has he had to resort to being a T/S brass again and is this what he meant by a fully paid meeting with a client? was he using T2W to front these services?
The mystery continues....:LOL:

seriously, I do hope the ban isn't permanent that would be a real shame(n)
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Nov 28, 2007
This wouldn't have happened if he accepted my friend request.
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Sep 9, 2011
You can't self-ban, but there are ways around that. :)

Poor old Swannybongo. Ironically, he was only just boasting about how he wouldn't be banned, but Truthseeker would be.

Who knows? He was going a bit nuts on that thread, I guess (and hope) it's only a temporary ban, I don't think he's done enough to get a permanent canning. He can be a bit nasty at times, but most people seem to enjoy rowing with him - I certainly do. It would be funny, given his obsession with multi-nics and resurrected members, if he had to come back under a new name :LOL:.

Seriously though, I hope he's not banned for good. First, whatever his faults, he is a bit of a character, and that's almost always good all round - for the members, the site owners, the advertisers, everybody. Secondly, his bark is almost certainly worse than his bite, and a few acerbic comments aside I bet he's not a bad old stick in real life. Thirdly, he contributes a lot to this site and seems to enjoy it. Enthusiastic members tend to be good whether you like them or not.

Finally, he's posted some much crap it would be a shame to see his slate wiped clean (only kidding Swanny :)).
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