Bitcoin (BTC) analysis thread

And the structure looks more bearish everytime i check back on it, 4 hr chat has a descending wedge :-/
I think we could see a move down to the $11k-$12k zone after a retracement. We've simply never seen how bitcoin reacts in what could be a prolonged recession period if that transpires as expected.
17600 has been broken, eyes on the bearish side now if this isnt a liquidity grab below the wick from back in June
Let's do some analysis about todays BTC price. So nowdays Bitcoin is in green mode. On previous week it hit almost 38k. Got flash dump and was bought strong buyers, and even don’t touched 35k support. It’s gave us understanding that as greater interest as price grows.

So, what’s for now?
Buying dips mode is on, till proven otherwise. Indicators shows bearish divergence, funding rate high, greed is on the verge of breakout, Fomo (fear of missing out) all over the market. Market need correction, but all this indicators can be unloaded at any time, BTC can go in small range, liquidate both side of longs and shorts and go up leaving everyone in the boat or flash dump, to get more liquidity to grow. As you remember, market can’t go always down or up, it must be healthy for all market players.

Recomended levels to watch: wide $35k-$33k and big level $30500 and $37800-$40k.
Stocks still bullish and Index of dollar capable to crack down, so those factors can support further growth 😇
Hello, community!
Let's look closer to BTC price today, for now we hit almost 42k! Big year for crypto I must say, Bitcoin needed just 1 year to grow from low 16k, and show more then 2.5x growth, and we didn’t end year still.. so more to come! Love crypto for that :love:.

So, what’s for now?
Week and month candle close was bullish, pump weekends need to be confirmed on Monday close to be sure that we are ok.
Levels to watch: 39000-38500, 35k and big 32k and 43k-45k and up big 48-49k levels. Wide zones, because not enough time trading that zones. Dips are for buying till proven otherwise.

Altcoins market: BTC dominated, so ETH isn’t far too and lagging, altcoins heating up for now and ready to show some fun on week timeframe. Potentially on BTC flush we can expect move liquidity to altcoins from BTC and fireworks called: Santa rally, if all be according to plan.

Also we have important economic week, especially on Friday where we know NFP data.