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Anyone else interested in this?I'm also interested in Bonefishing.Can anyone recommend a venue?Anyone been to Cuba?
Hi Jonny,

Here's a link for you: http://www.flyfishingforlife.net/home.html

If you type "saltwater fly fishing" - plus your interest, say: bonefish/tarpon/marlin/etc - into google, then this will bring up loads of links for you.

Most of these will be US based and you'll find very few references to vacations in Cuba.

You could wander into Sportfish in Pall Mall - trouble is it's a difficult place to leave with your wallet intact - or you could visit their website instead, here: http://www.sportfish.co.uk/overseas.htm or http://www.sportfish.co.uk/cuba.htm or http://www.rbrww.com/

You're spoilt for choice basically - enjoy it! :D



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I've been to the Azores for Blue Marlin and Cabo San Lucas for Striped.I was wondering if anyone had an idea if Madeira was still the best Atlantic venue for Blues?Chartman,do you know Graeme Pullen?I think he's retired from the business and just fishes with friends now?
I've spent many days bored to tears on a rather nice boat built for deep sea fishing off the Atlantic coast of Barbados. The men on board seemed to expect me to be delirious with joy at their achievements of catching a single Marlin after, what seemed to me, hours and hours of effort. I learnt to fake it. Deep sea fishing must be a man thing. :cheesy:
At Cabo,just about now.The Striped Marlin will be moving in.You can get several 'ganging' together to 'ball' bait and it's in these situations that you can have multiple hook-ups.If you don't want the Marlin,you can try for Dorado,Tuna etc.Or hire a 16' Panga and troll just off the surf line for Roosterfish.Although only averaging 10lb,they fight like hell.Skimble,maybe they wanted you for your female pheromones?Salmon fishermen swear by them.
Yes, I know Graeme Pullen- used to have a shop in my home town and was always in the newspapers about his exploits.
A friend playing an estimated 750lb Blue Marlin in the Azores.


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This is a 100lb+ Sailfish I caught in Cabo San Lucas


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The Marlin on the Azores trip all 'got away'. 3 were released at the boat and one was a 'Bimini release '.Once the angler has got the leader swivel to the top eye he's deemed to have caught the fish.The Captain just wrapped the leader around his arm and snapped the leader.Mine was estimated at 250lb.The others were 250,400 and 750lb.The only big fish I've hooked that I haven't seen was a Shark off the Isle of Wight when the skipper hadn't checked the reel drags from the previous day's party.The two Porbeagles I did catch were estimated 150lb and 90lb.
This is the 90lb Porbeagle.The hook ripped its gills so it wouldn't have survived anyway.


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This is a 150?lb (can't remember) Hammerhead I caught in Islamorada.The Captain shoots all sharks with solid twelve-gauge slugs,so this one wasn't going back either!


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You call that a shark...

Now this is a shark......(wasn't that line in a movie somewhere!)

Isn't it great that these babies are now protected across Australia. We had a whale die close to shore last year and a dozen or more of these beauties were feasting on the carcus only a few hundred meters from shore.

You might guess we don't have many swimmers trying to break distance ocean swimming records without a cage over here!



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I very much wanted to catch (tag and release) a G.White but then they protected them in S.Africa.I had a contact and was all set!Then other things intervened and I lost interest for a while.I think the best alternative would be a Tiger Shark?I looked at the internet last night and Madeira for Blue Marlin is only slightly more expensive today than the Azores trip in late 80's.£455/day as opposed to £400/day back then.So I'm considering next summer for 5 days in Madeira.
One summer 7 or 8 years ago I went to the Dominican Republic, decided to go deep sea fishing, I add I'm not a fisherman,but thought it would be an interesting day out..........wrong we chugged up and down what ever sea it was for 5 hours not a damn thing , the other boats also filled with dollar rich tourists
had the same experience, it was only when we returned to port and was departing an experienced crew member recommended we come anytime between January and March when you can catch good big fish !! , finally you mention Cuba, I was there in April this year, didn't go fishing but spoke to lots of people who did and they were really pleased, I would recommend a day or two in Havana, fasinating place,stunning arcitetcure( can't spell) great experience, go now if possible because when fidel goes it will all change and it will just be another tourist destination.........good luck
Friend with 10lb Roosterfish from Cabo


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Car Key Boi = not unlike a fast fish 100M free in <54 seconds! DNT!

that...my friends is absolutely setting the water on fire!

and once again

cold steel Swisstech-Utili-Key


- Car Key Boi,
100% Boi/ Knows How To Catch The Big Fish/ Knows How To Catch The Hot Chicks/ Knows What It's Like To Be Top Down Chrome Spinnin'/ DIGTBK!
Hi Jonnyy...excellent stuff...Friend of mine went with Graeme Pullen to cabo back around november 2002. Then a group of us went to cabo last march ,had one stripped marlin 140lb, and other dorrado and tuna up to 70lb between us all. would have been better if i didn't come off the quad bike over the sand dunes(done my back in lol) couldn't believe how big them sand dunes are!
Now looking to go to Cuba in June- july time something i have to try and find info on, seemed to have found some info here on this thread :)... great stuff
I've got a brochure somewhere about 'Islas Da Reinas'? On the South-East of the island.It's a live-aboard set-up and Grand-Slams are a regular occurence!?Bones,Permit and Tarpon + others.I'll see if I can find it.(This isn't the Cuba link) but is a good all-rounder www.fishinginternational.com
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