Breakfast Meeting 29th Jan


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Breakfast Meeting 25th June

Hi all,

Bob Gough and I have been planning a meet for those folks who can access central London easily.

The time is 10am (or thereabouts). The day Wednesday 29th January and the venue is the INSIDE cafe of the British Library. (There is a tiny cafe on the outside but it's NOT that one :))

If it insipres enough interest we'll make it a reguar meeting time.

At the moment there are three of us going. Me, FTSEBeater and Bob. Anyone else?

If the meeting is an open forum I would be interested in coming along. Any thoughts on what you are going to talk about specifically or is it a general get together?


Hi Dane,

Open to all :)

General and informal chat re trading related things. Please do come.
Hi Helen,

There is a possibility I will be in London on Wednesday in which case I will be delighted to come. However I will be away tomorrow, Monday, and and will miss your birthday! So, here it is now.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The more the merrier :)

It looks like there will be 6-8 of us at the moment.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.
Hi Helen

Is it possible for you to bring the details for the next traders day, so we can plan the order of the day.

Very sorry not to be able to make the meeting tomorrow due to other commitments which I was unsure about when I accepted the kind invite.
Hope it's a success and look forward to meeting up at another date.
Best wishes
You too BCT :)

We'll make it a standing meeting from now on. Last Wednesday in the month in the British Library 10-12.

See you on the 26th Feb :)
What about a weekend meeting, for those of us who are either trading or are doing other things during the day ?
Hi TP,

We put it during the day for those with weekend family/childcare committments but yes a weekend one would be a good idea for those who could attend :)
I'm glad it worked out well.I'd like to try and turn up myself.

Trader Pattern we have just got to meet up sometime.For others that dont know our Nasdaq level 2 trading styles are exactly the same.
Ok after a bit of a lull Mark and I will be going to the meeting on the 24th. Anyone else coming along?