Big Annual Gain?


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We all have read about people who have made millions and maybe hundreds of millions (usually currencies like $ or £) trading the financial markets. But I really wonder whether they are as rare among successful traders as they are among all other types of successful professionals! I mean if someone is successful that doesn't necessarily mean they are going to make a huge fortune, no matter the background or the profession. But because I don't making my living trading I don't have a very realistic feeling how it goes for the traders. Could you share your own knowledge and experience with me, and us!
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A very apt old Chinese saying is: Those who really do know, don't speak; those who speak do not really know.

That is why you are unlikely to find the answer to your question.

I know of two phenomenally wealthy traders, and what is striking about both is that you would not notice them. Both have said that they've been through the DB7 and Testarossa stages, etc, but actually realised that it was far preferable to have an anonymous lifestyle without security/safety issues which troubled them before.

Both of them spent a lot of time on their strategies which concentrated solely on consistency. With consistency you can build, without it you get burned.
Don't suppose you know what their strategies and trading techniquies were/are, do you Skim :D

LOL, Damn, Always like to know what succesful traders are doing.
Err... you've got my e mail address haven't you Skim...Mwahh, mwahh, love you skimmy.