Betting on sport - for those who don't like sport and don't understand betting


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for me I would generally first investigate going with favourites first port of call in any sport .......if I can find events where i get a decent return (ie better odds) from a pretty solid favourite I will start to build a strategy around that......

If in game betting were possible I would be especially looking at favourites playing away and falling behind on points in Q1 / Q2 long as it looks close and no other really debilitating issues with the Favs (like players injured etc) I will back them to come back ......maybe just a points spread ......but deffo look at something ......even back them then lay off as they make points back and get out before end of Game if needed ...........i will have made a few quid on the change in odds anyway

that ones not bad in any sport actually for example - if man City go down to an early goal against anyone its a great strategy ......

must get around to this one day as i like NFL football.....



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With all the election excitement I forgot the week's update.

Last weekend made 2 out of 6 Visiting Underdogs wins, which left me a good profit. Which is good because the prior weekend was a wash-out with a score of 0/5.

No less than 9 VU bets entered for this weekend. Some olf the odds are pretty long though.......................
Fingers crossed.


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When I chose a site with good sports betting, I looked at a lot of information on review sites.
Comparing the advantages of different sites, I think I chose a good one, here is just a good review about it dota2
So far, it is profitable and there are no problems with the conclusion


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First of all, you need to find a reliable online betting site to make the first steps (check out this list or find similar). Search in Google, ask people dealing with sports betting for a while, check the opinions of the supreme court regarding the betting activities, study reviews of other users, look for demos. Good luck
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I've won some pretty beautiful money with betting...;) I was just like you in the beginning, I needed money fast and easy. Of course, I got scammed at first because I'd bet on every possible website that appeared on my feed as an ad, lol. So my suggestion for you is to search for Scamtested reviews for betting websites/apps. You don't want to lose your money fast, trust me, I'm speaking from experience. Anyway, matched bettings are now my side hustle, besides my main job and investing in cryptocurrencies. I've learned in time different strategies because you need them in order to earn more and more. You'll not be satisfied with little sums of money and you'll be wanting more and more. So, what started as a 'fast way of earning money' is now my side hustle. But don't forget, be careful and choose legit websites and apps.
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