Automating buy and sell signals


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Hi everyone

I would be interested in an update of your automated trading, JonnyT. How is it going?

I would also like to be able to write some sort of program to generate buy and sell signals (but not actually make the trades) for my trading system, so that I can cut out the emotion. Then hopefully it would confirm when I am trading at the right time, and stop me trading at the wrong time (in theory at least!). I use AIQ with MyTrack data feed, and I was wondering if anyone knows whether it is possible to take the realtime data from that and use it in a program (probably excel)?

All help and suggestions gratefully received!
I have now found out by another route that you can indeed export realtime data from MyTrack to an excel spreadsheet. It does cost $10/month however so I will have to do some thinking about it before I go ahead.

Does anybody else here use an automated trading system?