Auto-Fold Poker Bot


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Anyone know of an auto-fold poker bot

i'm not interested in standard bots, as they get blocked by the sites

i just found one called but the site is no more

just want to trade and play poker at the same time
dont want to be busy folding loads of hands when a bot can do it for me
Auto-fold bot is illegal.

01 Feb 2009 11:10 AM
Party Poker support just told me that they DO allow the use of this software at their tables (auto folding bot). Here is the email:


Thank you for contacting us!

With reference to your e-mail, please note that our teams of game
experts, in consultation with the Technical team are constantly
evaluating software, in order to determine the suitability of such third
party programs and their compatibility with our Poker Client software
and Terms and Conditions.

At present, we have no immediate plans to block this software, but such
applications and their subsequent versions and upgrades are under
constant review, to ensure their continued suitability.

Please note that our policy and the terms that apply to the use of third
party software while playing on PartyPoker is set out in the Terms and
Conditions of Use.

Contact us anytime, we are available around the clock to assist you with
your account related questions and suggestions.


Game Fairness & Security Team
[email protected]
well dont believe everything your told
'illegal' means against the law in my book