i'm having A problem with sending attachments with my emails.

basically I can send the e-mail to myself, and the attachment can open fine. however, when I send the same email to anyone else they get the email, but get an error message when they go to open the attachment.

I can only think it is something to do with the setting on my computer because I can read the attachments fine,just no one else can.

all help appreciated.

It should be listed as part of the attachment. Can you say what the attachment is that you are trying to send ?

o.k. trader 333

I am trying to send A screen shot (copy and pasted into word).

I think I can see the letters, however they change depending on where I where I get the attachment
i.e. from my C drive = wps
from documents = doc
I have tried several combinations and just sent simple text no screen shots, but no one seems to be able to read my attachment apart from my computer.

all help appreciated.
Take your screen shot.
Open Paint, edit & paste
Then Save as, remember to select ".gif" as your file type.

You can attach this as it is to an email or you can go into word and insert file, search for the gif you just saved and insert.


There shouldnt be a problem from what you have described. Have you tried sending yourself the email but to a Hotmail or Yahoo address ? It may be interesting to see how it arrives at one of these. What email package are you using to send the email ?