Almost at the end of my years contract with, where I have had unmetered access for a year at £50. (I was one of the first, I understand the price is now £89!!) Their service is reasonable, and I am able to connect 90% of the time.

However, I am considering installing an ASDL line, as I reckon about 75% of my time on the net is spent waiting for pages to download. Do any other members have experience of broadband, is it useful, and who is the best to get it from?

Ive had cable ntl 512k now for 5 months. It's brilliant and it runs 17hrs a day, with a very ocaisional "glitch".
£20.00 a month rental worth every penny for the wicked download speed.Saves me loadsa time waiting.
Martin, did you have to subscribe to any of their other services? And did it take long to get it installed? I gather customers of some companies need to wait weeks......

I was already subscribed to their TV/Phone package for 12.99 a month. That included 24/7 free dialup internet, but 2 hour dropouts.Then I upgraded to broadband for an aditional £20 per month. Apart from having to lay a new cable, (3 week wait) it was very quick.Overall 9 out of 10. I'm not sure if you can get it on its own.Its DEFINITELY NOT available to business users(yet). So only available into residential properties.


I don't know whether it's available in your area yet but you could try Homechoice DSL. If you agree to take the company's VOD service too (which I have to admit I've never watched) then DSL costs only £20 per month + £20 installation. Take a look at

I've been using it for a few months now and only one minor glitch along the way.



adsl is brilliant; lots of friends have it here in the city (Carlisle); we're putting it in a new place very shortly. (must be within 3.5 km of exchange)

BT is OK once you get their glitchy software sorted out; plenty of good comment from users. Easynet are far better to deal with, though, and similar price.

Later this year BT are bringing in SdSL which is same speed BOTH ways.

In the meantime we're using BT internet Anytime, which is £15 pmth, free online time. Internet works well, but glitchy BT software when first set up (awkward e-mail if you have several different servers) and rip-off helpline for any reason.
Thank you for the comments.

After checking, homechoice is unfortunately not available in our area. As my current connection is via NTL, I think I will try them first. However, it seems that this is something I will definitely be going for.

If anyone has more comments, please keep this thread going.

All the best

telewests broadband is £33 per month.

If you already have a telewest phone package its only £25 per month now.

Free cable modem,you will need a NIC, about £25 and a one off connection charge of £50.

Hope that helps Titus

Thanks Antny and everybody else who've replied.

Will be on the phone to them in the morning!