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Judgement Time?

Hi All.

It's getting closer and closer to the time, that ARM with have to decide between the long term bear, and bull trends.

2 year chart:

6 month chart:

Any views on which way now?
I'm favouring the bear side, as that's my view on the market overall.


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I agree with your analysis entirely.

The downtrend has been intact for so long. I cannot see any substantial good news around the corner to help it to break this. For me, it is so much more worrying that the Nasdaq had such a storming week last week, and ARM closed at the opening price of 225. The bulls apetite is simply not there. I would be shocked if it did not fall.

All the best,



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Even at this level arm can still provide good swings both ways, of course in the long run its direction is not immune to the TMT sentiment in general, so no wonder arm is at the bottom of its range when Nasdaq and UK techmark is...

Still it was up +8 (3.9%) to 214.75 on Friday "after US firm Sun Microsystems reiterated its sales guidance for 2002"...

Still holding above 200 and managing to bounce from there and worth to watch bothways for swings, not my territory as I prefer intraday or short term swings when it comes to arm, but I dont think it's a good level to short and hold for the longer therm at the current level, arm often seen on the 15 min chart...



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Hi Riz.

I agree, and at the moment ARM is a dream to trade - and a lovely downtrend for Monday as well :D

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