Arm Bottom calls...EOD


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Just thought I'd post this as some members are concerned ...myself included. :) Looks to be a bottom today.


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Had a final choice of ARM or EGS to hold overnight, with the Nas falling badly on Tue couldn't see it falling badly for a second day, taken a caculated risk because of the falls in the uk today, to secure any gap-ups before the start Thurs, as i could hold any of these two long term.
Made EGS the one to hold, as it is forming a morning doji star, needs to open higher to confirm, i will find out Thurs night, as i am out all day.

Guys although Arm is a great stock i think i would look to the Nasdaq comp to see where it might trade.The reason it just fell is because as i mentioned in market chat at the weekend the Nasdaq had a gap to fill.To see where it might trade next might be to see where some major fib retracements are on the Nas and also where the Naz's 200 day moving average is.Just my personal opinion.

I only trade it on the naz under the code ARMHY.i let the ax tell me where its going and i tell you when he runs it he is mega stamp duty,no spread,no cfd's no spread betting just pure info and of course i can trade it until the market shuts at 9pm.Even longer on island after hours.

If you didnt know Morgan Stanley is running the stock at the moment.
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