The final shakedown

Are smaller investors panic selling?
Looking at the volume of small sells on some major techs it seems that way to me.
We are very near to a solid bottom now (IMHO)...keep watching for big institutional buys...such as ARM after the bell today.
It has been the same on MArconi. lots of big buys going through. We are near bottom I am sure and I have picked up some SCI at 67p into the bargain. An industry bigger than film and yet no recognition of the size of the industry or its profits due to roll:D
I think that the end is in sight. Why? Small sellers, big buyers cleaning up. Informed opinions on this board (more informed than myself) recognise this whole cynical up & down blip for what it was, and that the whole thing is coming to an end. Maybe as a whimper, but coming to an end. Shame many people have suffered so much because of the games the big hitters play.....with our money...