This looks like the end of the bear market...

Thanks Madasafish, your contributions appreciated...

Your posts never suggest you old and grizzled however:)

Just out of curiousity, do you trade short term or invest in shares mostly?

best wishes

Thanks Riz

(I don't feel old and grizzly except when as today I pull a hamstring running:-(

I've given up shares in this environment and started trading indices..lower spreads , more predictable, bigger moves and LOTS of (free) TA input on various BBs so after a while I'm beginning to start to understand .. But i'm no expert.

I'm trying to set up a system to indicate changes of direction.. at present it is a guide and not infallible:-(
Thanks...still envy your running, as I stopped doing it a while ago due to an operation (not so serious) and never get back to it....ever been to our chatroom? We've been busy trading dow daily recently...

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Good stuff guys.
The point i was making was about a possible bounce and not about global economic recovery.
IMHO the harder the spring is compressed... the bigger the bounce and vice versa.
The other point is that the market historically anticipates equity recovery in advance of economic recovery.
For me therefore the important question is not where the market bottom is but have the major economies seen the worst of the downturn.

I thought I'd resurrect this. Does anyone think the bear market has ended in 2003 (not 2001)?
Only been on t2w a couple of weeks( been in the markets for 20 years however) . None of the nick names mean anything to me, but how many of the " Yeah, death to the bear market" advocates from this thread are still solvent, trading and on here?!
I would hope the majority of members of this board are still solvent, as they can use the bear/bull market to advantage by using many of the instruments available to trade UP or DOWN
Uncle- not quite the point I was making. What I was trying to ask, was- all those guys who 2 years ago, seemed to have believed the bear market was over, have any of them survived by getting it so wrong?