Apple ?


i own 30 shares in Apple. is now a good time to buy more or should i wait till it drops again? will it drop again?


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Apple Update

Apple Technical analysis:

Short Term Indicators Average: 60% Buy
Medium Term Indicators Average: 50% Buy
Long Term Indicators Average: 67% Buy

Price: 128.76

Resistance: 132.96

Today's Opinion:64% Buy
Last Week's Opinion:88% Buy


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I agree with Francis about holding Apple for the long haul, considering it is up %14.91 in 6 months, %48.03 in 1 year, %53.97 in 3 years, %271.75 in 5 years.


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Well I don't hold anything for more than a few days, but shorting Apple would be like picking a fight with God. :innocent: The euro is in the toilet, so buying that for when Germany finally gets Greece to leave. :clap:


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Apple is a good investment, even if the vision of Steve Jobs is missing, Apple has such a big profit margin with its products, which can not afford an expensive development of new products. Apple makes its way further up.


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Apple, google and a few others have been really taking a huge bit into the bond markets. I have never been disappointed with Apple. They seem to have the Midas touch.


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I think you can buy them now. Because currently Apple is trading at $127.80. Last time when I checked out the price, it was around $135. At what price you bought them last time?




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Paul Robinson of had this to say about Apple:

"From a trading perspective, we were looking at a triple-top formation which came under fire on the rally up until yesterday. It now resembles something closer to a ‘quadruple-top’....


Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.​

"Our first target is $116, then we look lower towards the $105 area. This begs the question – if Apple shares do in fact drop 15, 20%, or more — where do you believe the overall market is headed? After all, AAPL accounts for approximately 14% of the Nasdaq 100 as of the close yesterday."


Why the retrace?

I have my own thoughts on why apple has sold off this week. China, less than expected profits and general market sentiment but there was news of a new Apple tv near the end of last week and it's still making huge profits. Surely this is a buying opportunity?


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I also like to look at the 13F filings. Vanguard, State Street, and Blackrock are the biggest holders in Apple. If they decrease their positions, a drop is likely to follow and vice versa. More funds have decreased their positions in Apple than have increased them. Vanguard has decreased their holdings in Apple by a bit. As long as you're not daytrading Apple, it sounds good for the long-haul whatever the price. I always leave some money there.
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