Any US citizens trading from the UK?


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Hello all,
I am new to your forums, but they are really good. We could use some good forums like yours in the US.
I am asking if there are any UK based traders that may have immigrated from the US for a reason. My wife and I recently visited England and were just absolutely amazed at all the beauty and history that you have. We would love to be able to come for 2-3 years or more, but havn't figured out a good way to do it via the UK visa system.
I trade commodities here in the US using a registered company name for tax purposes. I am fairly successful, so I would think that if I traded through a UK broker, and was taxed there, that the government might look favorably on the increased tax revenue. The problem is that I can't seem to find a visa method that I can fit into.
If there are any traders that have conquered that problem, or anyone who might have any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.
Good trading,


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Hello Cowman.

I can't help you with your visa question, I live and work here in England,but may I ask you a few questions, out of interest?

1) How long have you traded commodities as a self-employed trader? Have you made enough to retire?

2) Do you know of / frequent David Duty's CommonSenseCommodities forum ? I visit from time to time - it seems to be the best US BB I can find.

3) Have you considered SpreadBetting from the UK?, (as it's tax-free if you are a UK resident.)


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Want to stay in UK for 2-3 years? Fly to France, get into the back of a truck before it crosses the English Channel, and claim asylum immediately you get into UK. Not only will you not need a visa, but you`ll get free accommodation and legal expenses the whole time you`re here.


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Cowman, have you tried the point system for skilled workers? Something like 25 points for graduate degree, 25 points for earning more than $100k last year. Not specific on those numbers but thats the idea. Other option, if you have enough money is as an investor or business person. Since you trade under a company name, you can say you are setting up an office here.

Also, US residents arent allowed to open spreadbetting accounts.
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