Any recommended trading mentor?


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Excellent analogy!

If you discovered your about to go into surgery with a surgeon who attended one class or seminar, would you be confident in his abilities or would you want a surgeon who had done the procedure countless times before with good results? You have to ask why so many believe they can learn day trading in one seminar, book, or class.

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i learn forex trading by myself which makes it to take me a long time in order to succeed on it, if i had a mentor i believe it will be easier for me but no i stick to the rule of practice makes perfect!


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I'm confused... is there a fee involved? Or do veteran members volunteer to mentor those in need of guidance?
Hi rbrew,
Welcome to T2W.

'new_trader's' post is, I suspect, just an in-house joke, as 'Trader_Dante' is a former high profile member who built up a sizeable following and then became a vendor. This caused something of a stir!

In answer to your question, there is no formal procedure for veteran members to mentor new members. There are lots of reasons for this, top of the list being that the 'veteran member' tag indicates the number of posts that a member has made on T2W; it in no way reflects their trading skills or experience. However, you're welcome to start a thread on any topic and ask questions - there are plenty of experienced and knowledgable people here to help. Generally, you'll attract quality replies by showing that you've made some effort to answer your own questions and by doing some basic research. Asking questions that can be answered with a simple Google search may result in replies that are less than complimentary!
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