Analogy for the Stock Market?


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Massive pre-consciousness intelligence that wants you, your money, and all of your possessions.

the hare

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That Swiss Toni fella once told me that buying shares on the stock market is very much like making love to a beautiful woman. You pay a fortune for them, it costs an arm and a leg maintaining them, and when someone comes along with more money, they take them off you

swisshousehold - YouTube
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She's a cruel mistress - cruel - but fair
Peter cook

The only job of a trader is to Buy low - and Sell High
Victor Veiderhoffer - Education of a Speculator

They're a flight of berties !
Edward Fox
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A numerical, dynamic, rorschach.

It's interesting reading what others see in the numbers.

Sir Pond Life Dreg

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Flashing numbers, squiggly lines, wanting to be active all the time.
Buy or sell how do i decide just click that button and cling on for the ride.
I'm in now but wish i wasn't the markets cornered me and wants my bottom.
It whips out it's sword and lunges my way despite my protests that I'm not gay
It bends me over then takes my money laughing all the time as if it were funny
The phone rings who could it be can they not tell what the market has just done to me
I pick up the phone to answer the call it's my broker telling me I've been a fool I now how it feels to have a margin call.
Back to work to pay for my sins until my first paycheck I'll eat from the bins
The dream is over until the next time I hope you liked my little rhyme.

Mc Numbnuts rapped to the beat of Summer holiday by Cliff Richard.
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