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Hi all.

I'm a huge fan of Alan Farley, and after reading 90+ pages of "the master swing trader" I'm finding it hard going. :(

I had a look at and found the ideas are the same as in the book, but a lot easier to understand. It makes a great read :)

HTH someone :)
Hi Mark,

I always remember PT's comments on MST after I had persuaded him to buy it :)

The style is opaque and Alan admits it was written in a hurry. I think the thing with the book is to look at the charts and not worry too much about the text. The website is good though.
Great book

Found this book to be the best I have ever read.

Alan is really a top guy and a top instructor. Of course the style may look difficult noetheless really take the time to read it and understand it. Don't give up it is worth it. It is worth a thousand times (at least) its price.

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Alan Farleys Online Course


I'm a (relatively) new trader & stumbled on "The Master Swing Trader" in a bookshop - I couldn't put it down.

I bought it & am currently about 80 pages in - Its heavy going for a relative novice like me, but I'm just about following it all.

Has anyone done his online course ? It supposedly has much more interacive & multimedia examples, & may be easier going.

If so, how do you rate it, and what level of expertise is needed before starting ?

Dave Ford
Thanks for the thread- I read MST early in the summer and was thoroughly bamboozled but now I am convinced I must try it again. Though I remain sceptical that more than a tiny percentage of traders could actually go through the set-up analyses in the book in real-time with real trades.
From my recollection of a conversation I had with Alan Farley, he actually recommended reading chapter 5 onwards first. And then go back and read chapters 1 to 4. :D
Skim - thank you, I'll do just that and have bookmarked the chapters with a note.