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Hello there everyone, I wandered if anyone has read:
Day Trading With Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout
by Toby Crabel
isbn: 09343880171

It seems to be hard to get hold of. I'm interested in bar pattern analysis such as techniques in link below, if anyone could suggest any good reading in this area that'll be great. Many thanks

Would the 'Jiler' book or Farley,Pring,Murphy cover any of these techiques?
Also could someone please suggest a detailed book on volume (for day trading)?
Many thanks for your help folks. ;)
The Crabel book has been out of print for a long time, and Crabel has promised that he will never allow it to be reprinted. So therefore the only places I know of to get this book are a) obscure libraries, and b) on eBay. I seem to recall that $750 is often the asking price for the book.
Crabels work is good :D
$800 worth :?: I'm not sure :confused:..... His methodology is priceless though, his EE1/EE2 ORB-NR3-7 +++/--- ect.. as been well used else where... the book is made up mostly of tables and focuses on bonds, grains, cattle FX and sp500.
Yes a classic.... but IMHO its not worth paying $800 unless your into statistical modelling ;)

Cheers a320
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I don't know why Crabel will not have a reprint, Skim will have to help us out with that one :D

If people really want to see his work they should look for the original papers he complied which can be bought for around $50, you just have to do a bit of digging on Google ect... ;)

Cheers a320

Mine's not for sale :cheesy:
Great link Mayfly :D

That was the link I was thinking of..... but couldn't remember :rolleyes: :cool:

Oh Crabel was inspired by Arthur Merrills work if anyones interested ;)

Cheers a320
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I know a man who has "toby crabel's e-book version.. send me a pm..

quick before it disappears..first come first charge
Google it, there are plenty of pdf copies out there for free downloads. Book is big on stats if that is your thing.