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Could anyone offer some advice?

Have been trading ftse for past 3month on rather basic sytems ie laptop and free charts etc with a good degree of success, now would like to invest some of my hard earned profits in upgrading both computer and software and live feeds. I know quite a big question but would really appreciate some help from those of you who are further down your trading journey.

Many thanks!!!
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If you dont have it , get adsl for internet connection
Get a reasonably specced computer with as much expansion potential built in (plenty of memory slots) as you can. Get one with a reasonably fast hard drive if you are going to do intraday. Massive HD size is not needed for trading only. I think it is essential to have 2 screens and 19" would be my min size. Graphics card favourite for me is matroxG550 (not expensive). I wd go for xp pro if there is any chance of your wanting to run a small network in the future (say wi fi with your laptop). You need to do your homework on what exactly u need and Elite Trader has a very good starting point guide

u might also wade through
but remember some of these are extreme machines at prices to match and for well heeled enthusiasts;) .

For software and feeds it depends what you are hoping to do and what instruments you want to trade. Go through the software guide and reviews here if you haven't already. If you need further information I'm sure it will be forthcoming - there are knowledgeable people here who are very generous with their time.
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seriously consider what kind of back up, support and warranties are offered, there are lots of laptop manufacturers to chose from, high quality is another factor, as most repairs to laptops would mean they have to be returned to the manufacturer, and they are very expensive to get repaired,some offer european
collect and return and some offer worldwide, it depends on what you want.........
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