Ads by Google


We're currently experimenting with running some ads powered by google on the website. You may notice the style and position change over the next few hours/days. The trial will last two or three days after which we'll evaluate the results and decide whether to continue to run them.

Although the site is mainly funded from advertising, we're not about to go overboard on it like some other sites - in the long run it would be detrimental to the site. But if we can find ways of integrating into the site that are not too pervasive, this helps to ensure it's future prosperity.

As always your feedback is appreciated.
hummph !

would prefer them at the bottom of the page.

some pages do not seem to carry the ads but have space
created where they dont appear (if you see what I mean)
and it seems if you use that space to trigger a refresh of the page then nothing happens ?
Thanks for the comments bonsai.

I've updated the banner this morning so it only appears on the forum homepage, forum thread list and thread themselves - and not anywhere else. You're right about a white space being created, I'm looking into ways of removing this, alternatively we may use it to advertise parts of the site like the store. Another thing I've done is to place the ad just under the page title, thereby making it look more seamless and not so disjointed.