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Help please.

When trying to access Capital Spreads charts, the window that pops up is blank except for a small logo in the top right hand corner. The logo consists of a square, a triangle and a circle.

Now I am getting the same thing when I try to enter the T2W chatrooms.

If it is of any use, I got the same effect on another site yesterday but it disappeared and the expected picture took its place after about 10 seconds :confused:


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Try this
Tools/Internet Options/Advanced...about half way down, check Show pictures.
Worth a shot ;)


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Thanks for the reply Oatman, already checked.
When I queried this with CS they were v helpful but to no avail.
I'm sure the problem is with my puter.
I've only had this problem three times and it has only persisted with CS & T2W chatrooms.
I have been running a virtual acct. with CS, which is in profit. Don't feel like risking money if I'm having to skip between sites for info. though.
BTW the little logo is top left, not top right.


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I had problems with capspreads recently - although not T2W, showed my account balance as zero :( and lost my trade history.

Deleting cookies and all temporary internet files seemed to do the trick, you might want to try the same.
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