help needed


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Hi guys & gals

Just bought a new computer when i switch it on the windows logo comes on screen but it just wont go any further getting quite frustrating! Would be grateful for any help.

Thanks, Spredbetterstop.


Have you tried booting up in safe mode?
Once the initial screen comes up where it shows
how much memory you've got and what hard disks
attached etc. Press F8 and a menu should come up
select safe mode and see if you can boot up then into

If you can press the Windows key (between the Ctrl and Alt
key) and the pause key to bring up System properties.
You can also go to the start button > Control panel > system
Click on the Hardware tab and see if you have any conflicts. ie yellow question marks. If you have there is your problem and I might be able to help further.

Hope this doesn't sound to patronising. Just trying to be of assistance.



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Thanks Irazor for the quick reply havent tried it yet, how do i click on anything there is no pointer on the screen. I am replying on my old comp: sorry if i appear to be a bit thick but im not to clever with comps, alright when its working but if theres a problem im in trouble.


You can use the arrow keys to the left of the alphabetical keys.
Scroll up and down the menu items and hit safe mode.

Got to go and watch a movie with the wife. Let me know how you
get on.


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sorry dont mean to sound patronising either, but cant you take it back to where you've just bought it from?


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The boot screen has been disabled in the BIOS , that's why you get a blank screen.... and why you don't get the safe mode options etc. ( I think). Read the manual to see how to get into the BIOS on power up( DEL key of F2 are two common ones.)
That's a starting point.
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