Access Import/export help please


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I use access database and I want access to automatically import data from a text file when info is entered into that file .
Any idea's where I can get the routine to do this
I running windows XP

Thank you
You have 2 options (at least):

(1) In the database windows,click NEW and create a Linked table which you point at the text file.
The text file will then appear to act like a native Access table

(2) Import the data into an existing table. Goto File-Get External Data-Import

Option 1 is great if you have a well behaved and formatted file. Also has the benefit of allowing you to substitute a new text file and get a new table

Option 2 is best for retaining the data. HOwever, you will need to ensure uniqueness, so you are probably better off using an intermediate query to load you main table