A Great Day Out - The Times Investment Show


I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone who made it to the show yesterday. It was great to meet some of the faces behind the nicks, and so a big hello goes out to fredroff, hi5, sukhibraich, gusto, chartman, dayraider, PCer, MX.. and everyone else who was there!

It was the first time I've been to a show of this kind and I'd definately recommend going if you can. All the brokers were there, as well as trading platforms and analysis software. Unfortunately I got there a bit late, and didn't have time to attend any of the seminars, but from what I hear the speakers Samurai Joe with his sword (!) and our own MX (minus the lethal weapon) were among the highlights to be had.

Hope to see even more people there next time! :)

Hi Sharky
Great to meet you and the guys. A great day out. Keep up the good work on the site. Put me on the list for for a t2w T shirt.

Looking forward to the next one

day out

hi sharkey
many thanx to you and your team for organising our day out. I was very impressed with with the friendly spirit shown by all our members who attended. It was great fun ,I enjoyed the company of you all.

regards Fred
Sharky & everyone else

It was great to meet you guys.

You guys are great laugh. I enjoyed the whole day. I managed to attend three seminars ( Chris Manning, Nick Glyden).

Keep up the good work.

Has anyone had look at page 99 of Shares Magazine this week? There is little advertisement for www.TradeToWin.com. First I thought that Sharky has managed to pull this one BUT when I tried the site it is from Tony Williams for Volume Spread Analysis.

I hope that there is no clash between these two sites.

PS also put me the list for T2W t-shirt.