A few months on....

Jun 21, 2007
Hi there,
I was just wondering, if, after a few months since it's release, any of you are still using the FAP Turbo robot trader software? If so, how is it performing? 700% in 3 months I really doubt, but is it doing 20% a month or such like?
I am curious as would love to 'get into Forex' but really am fearful of learning from scratch, and I thought watching a robot would help me see how winning trades are made, if you know what I mean.
Mar 1, 2009
Hey there

i tried to buy this but it can't be done have read on this site that click-bank have discontinued marketing it so that maybe why. i did buy last week forex robot trader EA and am testing it for the next month or two, the first weeks test is encouraging, i wanted to try fap turbo coz it looks like it might work better on small account balance.


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Apr 19, 2003
I tried these Expert Advisors and I think they are hit and miss.. I've not found one which consistently makes money... sometimes you get bad spikes with Metatrader (these are not market prices but a glitch in their datafeed) and that really screws up your trading as the Expert Advisor just sees a signal and goes for it if it's within it's parameters.