$500 to $1.000.000 in 5 years

Dec 25, 2008
I finished working few months ago on the development of an extraordinary EA in partnership with some talented co-workers (in a hedge fund)....

The backtest provides a result of $500 to $1.000.000 in about 5 years, with a maximum drawdown of about 50% but with a small deposit of like $500 it's not really a big deal...It's really worth it and it's a run and forget EA, you just need to check it from time to time...

For me, I already ran it on my live accounts, I bought a VPS $19/month, it's working 24h/24h 7days/week since more than six months with good results already...for you, you can simply run it on your personal computer, but it should be kept turned on from Monday to Friday...

The EA trades only the EURUSD pair and makes a maximum of one trade per day...it trades only a very small fraction of your balance each time...( example: with $500, it starts with 0.05 lots)...that's why it needs years...

This is not a martingale system...it does not use a Stop Loss, for those wondering about that, but it uses indicators to automatically close losing positions....don't worry about that, your account will always be safe, there will be ups and downs of course, but you need to run it for years and forget about it....

I'm ready to share it with you guys with a 50% fee on realized profit ...

$1.000.000 is not the limit, it's just when you reach 100 lots it stops trading :) (with some Brokers)...you can start with more than $500 if you want to gain few years...

Just email me at dubal.robot@gmail.com and I will send you the package (you can backtest it by yourself)...

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Nov 14, 2007
How will you keep a track on who is and isn't making profit and how much it is?

Phil Mibbutz

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Jun 29, 2004
Frankly, if an EA made you money, wouldn't you give the coder a large reward?

Don't want to appear cynical, but if the system makes that much profit the programmer will obviously be richer than Midas already and eventually have an infinite amount of money, so why would he/she want more?
Dec 1, 2008
Backtest is not the same as forward test.
Trade live, show some screen shots and may be people would be more interested.



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Jun 28, 2008
Good luck to you, but an EA to do this is easy to write. I have a few that would have the same historic result on this pair. Problem is that I doubt they work anymore. Show me the same results over a few different pairs and you may have something. Otherwise it looks like an over fitted EA to me.


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Dec 23, 2008
Check my blog out I'll give you great returns in shorter time, with forward/live testing, some people like the technicals and some just want to make wonga. visit if your interested others are. Oh and, no i'm not rich least not yet, when I'm I won't be posting recommendations.

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Dec 5, 2001
If I had such a cast iron edge to market trading do you think I would be sharing it? No screen time required as well? Just sit back and crack open another beer.
Feb 15, 2009
Seems Interesting, but we should rent VPS for 5 years with about $ 20 / month ?
I think we should have INITIAL CAPITAL START minimum $ 1,000 not $ 500 so we can be able to pay VPS with our profit monthly.