326 trades in one day


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has any member done 326 trades in one day as per the etrade ad in this edition of traders magazine.this equates to 3 grand in comission to etrade. no wonder they published his picture.
am taking enough viagra i ask myeself.
i would like to hear from any trader still living who has done more than a hundred trades in one day.
did you make a lot of money or did you give yourself a nervous breakdown
what were the trades in - and was it 326 opens or 326 round turns - 326 transactions or 326 contracts?
no idea stevet.it musthave been.163 round trips.he must have been intraday to have this number
there was a presenter at an updata (?) conference a while back who did this number of trades. he did a (crap) demo on stage - he just bought and sold every few seconds. said as he got older he was trying to cut back to about 100 trades per day!

each to his own.
326 nicely tallies with the slogan ... ' whether you trade 326 times a day or 3 to 6 times a days' used at the bottom of the ad, so I suspect they used a bit of creative license.
a more interesting figure would have been to hear how many bucks he made on his trades !

we know etrade get to earn interest on his margin monies ( do etrade pay out interest) , and we know they got 3K in their pot - so etrade are doing well!
If I'm in the mood and the market is active I can easily do 200+ round trips in a day.

It can be very much LESS 'stressful' than 'normal' trading (whatever that might mean to you) as you will invariably be holding any one position for a very short time - minutes if not seconds.

This is using direct execution futures, and even if I buy at one price and sell for half a tick higher I will still make money net of all commission and fees. I would NEVER consider doing it on UK equities or even CFD's at £10 a go - that's just making the broker rich.....
I havent seen the ad.However i've a good idea i know who it is,because i heard a rumour at e trades offices that he was going to do an e trade ad.

If its the trader i think it is,he uses e trades Nasdaq level 2, lightspeed platform.

Believe everything you read because its true, i traded in the city with him.
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Hi Naz,

It is the same guy you told me about before the Ad came out. :cheesy:
Yes Scooby,

He's the Guy i told you about.He dosnt use charts at all,just Nasdaq level 2.E trades lightspeed platform to be precise.Probably the fastest level 2 platform around.

I dont think he ever does much less than 300 round trips a day in Nasdaq stocks.Is he profitable? you bet he is.
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according to the advert his name is RAHIM.he looks about 30 ish.
does he have any strategies or is it instinct.how much capital has he put in.how much is he outstanding of his own money at his peak time
is it rocket science or can all of us trade in the same way.
naz can you give us 1-2-1 to trade this way
i understand that rahim is a top equity trader - for sure got to be top private in the Uk - a major trader who has been doing it for years

if you can get him to do a one to one course for you - sell the car, mortgage the house, and go for it

but bear in mind -a real trader is doing a trade per minute when he's on heat - so you better be good at keeping up - and hes not gonna be teaching you and losing money at the same time!

and lightspeed gives you direct and special access into nasdaq - but you pay for it - but speed and information is key in this business
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Yes, thats my old trading colleague.

You have to be a Nasdaq level 2 scalper to understand how he trades.It is not rocket science and i can point people in the right direction.

However he is brilliant at what he does.He has total belief in the Nasdaq level 2 screen giving him an edge and seeing the moves start before others can.

Although most people couldn't be as quick as he is, its still possible to read the screen and take the move whilst others are dreaming.
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qaza said:

which futures contract are you trading ?

I no particular order I trade:
Bund, Ftse, Eurostoxx, Dow, Dax ..... but anything that was liquid, active and cheap to trade (commissions-wise) would suit me.
Do you really want to trade 326 times a day? It's too much like NHS dentistry...........;-)))
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stevet said:
lightspeed gives you direct and special access into nasdaq - but you pay for it

I'm ex lightspeed trader, it has no special access into the Nasdaq that another level 2 system couldn't have.It has many proprietry orders which give it an edge.You do not pay more for it than many other level 2 sytems.Infact trading under 500 shares is cheaper than many other level 2 systems.

Except if you use ib of course ;)

Steve have you ever traded Nasdaq level 2 i sometimes wonder?
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stevet said:

but bear in mind -a real trader is doing a trade per minute when he's on heat - so you better be good at keeping up - and hes not gonna be teaching you and losing money at the same time!

I dont know how you can say this you've never worked with this guy and have know idea how he behaves.I have.

You post your opinions as if they were fact.In many instances you dont know what you're talking about.

re the number of trades - rahim's average is 300 per day - he trades the normal hours - its a 6.5 hour day - duh! - he eats, he goes to the toilet, so thats a trade per minute!!!

lightspeed has a direct nasdaq level 2 feed

and whose gonna be trading 500 shares?

you pay per share on lightspeed as opposed to the all in one etrade price

so 5000 shares at a cent is $50 - and 5,000 on a normal account is $10 all in

but naz - you are 100% right - all my posts are just my opinion and i have never indicated otherwise -

i thought that was what the T2W trading forums was for - exchanging information and learning from each, and from our mistakes for free

or are you on T2W for other reasons?
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