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Telewest are offering a 2MB ADSL line for £50 pcm. Does anyone have experience of this? Are Telewest reliable?



I have been using Telewest Broadband for several years now and can say (touching lots of wood, fingers crossed, etc :cheesy: ) that I have found the service very reliable. So much so, in fact that if I ever moved house I would want to go to a Telewest area.

I have recently gone to 1MB from 512KB but am not sure how much extra benefit the extra £10 pm is giving me. Accessing pages still seems to take the same time, however, once found the site is displayed immediatley. File download speeds are obviously quicker, assuming the site supports the higher bandwidth.

I think I can safely say that placing trades and executing them is no quicker.

If I was asked I would recommend Telewest.




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I use Telewest broadband and would recommend it.

I used the extra 1mb for a while but cancelled it later as I didn't feel there was any marked improvement.



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The only real improvement will be with downloads where the bandwidth can be utilised. i.e. you can download around 240K per second rather than 60K per second.

HTML is a light protocol and generally you won't notice a decernable difference from ISDN to broadband for a single user given a decent ISP...

Again placing trades with a Broker we are talking milliseconds difference, generally it's not going to make one iota extra. Certainly with IB wew are talking out minor traffic of a few bytes.



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I worked for Telewest broadband support for 6 months and the 2Mb service is just as reliable as all the other services. You are not realistically going to get transfer speeds of 240K per second because there are not that many sites out there with that much bandwidth - what it will help with however is simultaneous downloads (Kazaa Lite - IRC - Newsgroups) - Itll be perfectly possible to have 4 downloads all going on at the same time at 50Kbps

Any questions just ask :D


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The major sites have the bandwidth i.e. Microsoft, Cisco, Compaq etc.

Agreed will help with multiple downloads.

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