Has anyone tried marketsmastered.com manual?

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Re: Has anyone tried marketsmastered.com manual?

Thanks for taking the time to reply Pinky - have signed up on the Free site - will study and review.

It's early days for me - I know I can do this - made some good money earlier this year on FTSE - but it's very easy to get distracted by the wide range of markets (indices/currencies/commods) available to trade.

I'm looking to start small, focus on just one trade (say an index) and build up my bank before diversifying into other areas.

Hoping that this site and helpful feedback such as yours will help me do that.

Cheers mate.
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Re: Has anyone tried marketsmastered.com manual?

Originally Posted by pinky123 View Post
Black Cobra,
I know you have to start somwhere but markets mastered is NOT good point to start. You will make one or two succesfull trades out of ten so in the best scenario you are flat - not gained nothing or lost only little.

Recently a good site I found is here and its FREE:

I think that is a good point to start with. I have been learning and trading Nick system for nearly one year now and I know his system is not going to work.Even him knows that and will not answear technical questions about his system NEITHER GIVE A REFUND. ANYBODY IS ADVICED STAY AWAY.

Me personally will trade bollinger bands, if i am succesfull i will let you know. I visited Nicks blog and I can see on 16th september at 9:15 on GBP/USD he took a trade based on bollinger bands, maybe other indicator as confirmation as well. The fact is Nicks system doesnt give enough chances for trading and misses out really good opportunites.
I have a different view - I bought the evening trading system from markets mastered and have done ok with it. I was advised in the trading manual to demo trade for 50 trades before using my own (small) SB account. This got rid of the fear/greed problems I had

I started trading it while I still had a full-time job, and having built up my SB account enough to the stage where I was earning the same as my teachers pay (yes I know, crap salary for too many hours) I jacked in my job and went trading full time.

Any questions I had were answered comprehensively by Nick and the daily emails he sends out with his trades were exactly the same trades as I took. When I went full time I bought another one of his systems (for trading FX during the day) and I am happy with that as well.

One thing I have learned is though - learning to trade is not an easy pursuit - it takes a lot of time and dedication, you must treat it like any new career that you are starting. My daughter is studying to become an accountant and her first 2 years at Uni have been very difficult, and she works 60-70 hours a week (lectures/homework/reading) and I think newcomers to trading should work that hard as well. It is not a get rich quick opportunity but due to promises on the web, newbies are drawn into that 'dream'

It is all very well buying a system in a box, but you need also to learn why the markets move as they do and also you need to understand the basics of price action. I was never going to learn to design my own system and that is why I bought systems from various vendors - although I will say that not all were successful. I bought wealthBuilder and that was absolute rubbish. I subscribed to Elm Trader but I was not comfortable with the large stops and swings into the red by hundreds of pips. The 2 markets mastered systems I use has been good and I can recommend them, but you have to put in work yourself to understand the market itself - that is what gives you confidence to trade any system. I can see why the systems I use work so well - they use leading indicators, and that gives me confidence.

BTW Pinky - I can say markets mastered systems do not use bollinger bands, and personally I do get plenty of chances to trade. I have a daily pip target, and I hit that most days. The evening system is meant as a starter strategy for newbies so only has one trade per evening with a target of just 20 pips, so you will never get a load of trades with that system but I get my 20 pips most days

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Re: Has anyone tried marketsmastered.com manual?


this forum is to say TRUTH to potential Customers. Are you an ffiliate to Nick?

My CONCERNS with your reply are as follow:

1. Although I have been with Nick for nearly year now I rarely receive his 'coaching' emails. They come maybe once or twice a month . DO YOU REALLY RECEIVE THEM DAILY or at least weekly?
Why I dont receive them?

2. When he finally sends something out to people with his trades he shows 100% success rate. Speak to any experienced trader and ask if thats possible? He doesnt need to use Stop Loss

3. He never replies to questions as he promises neither gave me a refund. Is it TRUSTWORTHY PERSON do you think? Why he would make me unhappy and refuse back what he promises? Does he really make money in markets. I think he makes money on customers like me selling bull..it and never refunding.

I will leave judgement to people but to me Market Mastered is MAKING FALSE PROMISES TAKING MONEY AND NOT DELIVERING RESULTS. STAY CLEAR
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Re: Has anyone tried marketsmastered.com manual?

Ive been using the evening tradng system for some 8 months or so and I have found it a great system. I match Nicks trades most days maybe missing the odd one and I can also confirm I receive Nicks daily emails with his trade screenshots which are very handy when you first start out. I think most people say they know reversal candlesticks but in reality dont know the simple rules to confirm the candlestick, which is why I struggled to start with. I found too many trades which was frustrating and I think thats when a lot of people tend to give up with the system. Im just starting out with the anytime system now only done one trade so far which im happy to say was a nice winner. I would recommend this sytem but stick to it.
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Re: Has anyone tried marketsmastered.com manual?

Amazing how many new members with one or two posts are saying how great this system is. This is the usual story here and it's a pretty good indication that a vendor is trying to cover up bad publicity.
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Re: Has anyone tried marketsmastered.com manual?

Amazing how you seem to be a know all of everything, I certainly dont know or have ever spoken to the vendor I only posted because I bought and use the system and it works well. The reason most newbies post is to check what there buying once a system works they tend to leave these forums to the expert traders who usually post when earning nowt through trading and make out they know everything.
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Re: Has anyone tried marketsmastered.com manual?

factualvinay/blackcobra427 any updates on marketmase
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