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Originally Posted by BasisSpreads View Post
Nope but a close friend of mine took it and told me about the content.

Needless to say, he regrets every dollar wasted.

I did watch a couple of his youtube videos claiming how he can get you in Hedge Funds blablabla.

to get in those places you have to be a career finance guy, with the right high class education + summer internships + Analyst positions in Bulge Brackets + specialize in a coverage group for an industry + interview with headhunters for lateral moves to Buy side specialized in the same sector you covered as an analyst for 2~3 years.

So you have admittedly never taken the course, gone through the subject matter etc, but are somehow qualified to authoritatively speak about it as if you have ? Interesting.
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This is going to be my first post (out of more to come) and I stumbled upon this forum as I was searching about this course since I wanted to find out if it was good or not, so at least now I'm happy to have found this forum too! I just wanted to write this because I've literally read through the entire thread and I've done this course recently (I still have the Forex part left to do, though) so I want to give my honest opinion about it here.

Let me first say that I'm a guy with very limited experience before I started out with investing and trading. I'm not going to lie like many others and make it look like something else. When I started out I knew just a few basic stuff about the market but nothing more, I'm still learning a lot of basic stuff every day. However, besides trading, I'm an educated guy who studied natural sciences, so I think critically and know how to expose bull**** quite well. I have read and seen a lot of stuff coming from day traders, books, trading gurus etc. Basically a lot of crap. That's why I was curious if this guy was legit or just another scam artist in the vast sea of ”trading mentors/experts/gurus” out there who's selling their technical analysis trading guides and ”I can make you a millionaire” stories with hidden agendas or conflict of interest.

I happened to find out about this course when I watched the program ”Million Dollar Traders” on Youtube and from then my interest has led me to this point. Since then, I found out that Anton Kreil offered this course and I've also seen his really great videos on youtube. There is one video with ”10 secrets” that Anton talks about, that video really changed my life a bit because it really makes you think different about life in general. I think Anton isn't just some guy who only cares about teaching how to trade, I think he talks a lot about how to be successful in general life too and personally his knowledge has changed my view on my life. For me, he has given me such inspiration and his way of thinking helped me.


The positives:
1. Good information about macroeconomics.
2. Good structure of the videos, he talks about the lesson in the beginning of the video, then there's the presentation and at the end of every video there is a conclusion/summary.
3. He's giving you a good and well-structured platform to build upon and grow, for beginners too.
4. You get taught a lot about using excel, I never used excel before but I have learned to use it quite good because of it.
5. The course is based on the principle of obtaining free information on the internet.
6. Some humor and fun examples in the presentation, yet serious.
7. You get taught principles that you can apply not only on trading but on your personal life too.
8. No conflict of interest, he doesn't have any personal agenda or try to sell you something more in the course.
9. He's got background as a real successful professional trader, so he's credible.
10. No "get rich fast" speech, more like "the more work you put in, the better the returns".

The negatives:
1. The material could be improved, seems kinda put together low budget / amateur like.
2. One argument about his day trader example is flawed, because in his example it would mean that you bought your position at the open of the day and held it until the close. His other examples are better when he talks about robots using algorithms, central bank interventions etc. and he shows how market volatility has been decreasing for a long time.
3. No way of asking questions about the material if you need help, you need to google it which can take a while if you don't know where to look.
4. His material about stock views is really too small, with valuating stocks he's just talking about P/E ratios and this made me quite disappointed and this is the biggest negative thing I believe, from a beginner perspective it's really not enough and from an experienced trader I guess it's laughable.
5. Focusing too much on macroeconomics and not as much on microeconomics.
6. Some excel spreadsheets looks quite amateur like or put together too fast, I think they could had made it look way better.
7. Sometimes a bit difficult for a complete beginner with no experience in finance or economics.
8. For that price I would expect to get good support a long the course but received none.
9. After having done the entire course, the material is good but there are so much more you could had gone through or been improved and it doesn't feel like it's "enough" to really feel confident, and if they say you just need to google and learn more then what specifically should I google? That's a bit disappointing, i e lack of followup.
10. No community unless you are an institute trader.

Finally, I would summarize and say that I definitely don't regret this course. It has opened up a lot of stuff and I see things from a new perspective and I'm confident that it's good material and Anton Kreil is a really good guy that is legit. I have heard from sources that it costs a lot of money (like $10k for mentoring) and I'm not sure if I would think it's worth it at my level, but maybe if I was at a higher level of experience then I would be gaining much more from it since they're really successful professional traders in the institute with a lot of knowledge.

Lastly, if anyone here has taken the course, please e-mail me. I am interested to have contact with other people who have taken this course and trade in this way. If we have questions about stuff then maybe we can help each other out and share ideas. I have found some blogs and people already from this thread but if you want then please mail me and tell me. It would be great to talk to more people that have taken this course. I might write more posts here soon regarding stuff in this thread, some which are really bogus claims and some other stuff too. Thanks!
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Please, if there is a guy who has a system that works consistently every week and offers a course where he can teach me his system send them to me.
Also, if anyone is selling a unicorn I will gladly buy for a few thousand dollars.
$1051153.2 = 73 weeks. If you can't do it....quit or hit the books
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the positives,point 5.
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This is my frist writing here. I kept following this thread nearly since its beginning. I am from germany and german is my native language, so please excuse, if sentences are misspelled or sound strange when first read.

I mostly share the points made by @Takashiii. I also thought long, whether I should subscribe here and add my few experiences that I had with the P(F)TM series. Until now I was able to hold myself back in commenting here. But after reading @Takashiii's comment, I thought I jump in.

Originally Posted by Takashiii View Post
(I still have the Forex part left to do, though)
The negatives:
1. The material could be improved, seems kinda put together low budget / amateur like.
6. Some excel spreadsheets looks quite amateur like or put together too fast, I think they could had made it look way better.
After going through the video series and started working with the presentations (pause the videos and make some own notes), you figure out that the slides are of poor quality.

They can be simple by design. But what sets me up was the overall bad quality in grammar, correct writing of sentences, sentences missing the fullstop (point) at the end, missing coma, different capitalization of words (some sentences do have capitalzations others not), shortcuts by using "&" rather than "and" whtin sentences, wrong values taken over from the excel sheets and so on.

With the PTM series, this was quite an issue but the numbers of overall errors could be forgiven.

With the PFTM series, this issue reaches another level.

The presentations really looked slammed together in a hurry. The same grammer, correct writing of sentences, sentences missing the fullstop etc. errors can be applied here.

The amount of errors within the slides makes it not easy to understand what's going on. Specially if you are no native speaker of the english language or are not used to speak english every day.

There are also a lot of consistency issues within the slides: like titles have different numbering.

For example (Video05):
Slide 03 says "Foundation 5",
Slide 04 says "Foundation 4" and
Slide 05 says "Foundation 5" again.

Some Videos are even missing the title all together.

Quite often you hear a change of the voice within the videos, signaling that some sort of iterruption or pause happened meanwhile.

The video continues and during his talk you might notice that he is going one slide back and then forward again. But you also notice that the slides have changed.

For example (Video03):
Slide 40 and 42 is such an situation.

During pause the slides of the presentation got changed and you sit behind your computer arguing with yourself what has been going on.

Same with Video 13 Slide 02 and 03.

With other words, the video series must have been a parallel process. The slides have been work in progress during the time he took, making the videos. Causing changes of slides when going forward and backwards during these pauses.

Also an issue are calculations that has been done by his assistant financial analizer. In one video he went through an excel sheet cutting & pasting values together and during this quick manual process he skipped a few lines thus resulting in different end values.

I really wished someone would have gone through the final slides before making the videos. Some sort of lecturing would have gained much. Fixing rough grammar issues, punctuation, word capitalization, checking up the values written in sentences with the values within the tables (on the same slide).

... and yes ... you should know what a micro lot is. Of course a micro lot is not having the same value as a nano lot (Please look on the slides showing the values of the lot sizes).

Anyways! Does this make the entire video series not worth it? Clearly not! The video series are fine. The amount of information you've been getting out of it is immense. Though the lecturing would have been important and I hope that, for future video series, that this is being done. Have someone going through the slides before making videos with it.
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lord my ars@
Originally Posted by optionpro View Post
Regarding itspossible, he needs to be put on notice he's not in the least bit funny and his penchant for trolling every post and making some half-assed attempt at wit speaks volumes. I feel for the guy.
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I met this guy and don't think he is a con artist . But he did tell me that after he left Goldman Sachs his salary now comes from selling courses and reports. Trading is for capital growth only not income.
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