Your favorite trading pairs!!!


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I always try to trade EURUSD as priority then work way down to CHFJPY.

But I have been thinking about applying a macro analysis to select pair as well/Also select based on 3M option Vol (trading highest vol ccy's first) has worked well.

If I remember correctly you were forecasting the USD needed to fall and EUR rally to save the world during the dash for cash, that turned out to be correct. Its getting risky what with some of the stats on optimism in the equity mkts and short USD is consensus like never before. I may subscribe in the future as macro is key to the FX pairs that we trade.
yes that is correct... 2020 i was very bearish USD post March 2020... as of the start of 2021.. my bias is USD dip buy again... been selling EURUSD up there at the start of the year but for now i trade more than stale risk... think it is too early to have stale USD longs... BUT i do NOT subscribe to the 2021 USD sell, i feel that is wrong. the Taper tantrum started a lot earlier than we did expect and as much as it got a bit quieter, i feel the taper tantrum will be with us most of the year, especially if we get another 1.9trln of stimulus on top of the 900 bio from Dec, while the FED has only had 1 trln of stimulus in their economic projection.. so FED is done in my view... and if i look at inflation expectations from the FED vs the ECB, i have no doubt where EURUSD will eventually head during 2021.. but as i said.. early 2021 maybe not yet the time to go mental.. but i am a USD dip buyer on balance for trading purpose


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Currently do not have a favourite pair but looking to know if EURUSD is a good and volatile currency to trade for beginners?
it is a good pair for a beginner really as it has some volatility but not too much as the last thing you want is a too volatile pair while you try to get used to FX

Kevin FD

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it is a good pair for a beginner really as it has some volatility but not too much as the last thing you want is a too volatile pair while you try to get used to FX
agree , beginners should choose the pair which is more appropriate to the concept of trading that will be used , if love doing scalping should choose the pair which has most lowest trading spreads.


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I prefer trading mostly with Major pairs using EURUSD and GBPUSD because they are most volatile, so the spreads are also lower when trading with them.
I believe most of us traders just love trading the majors. I have barely seen traders trading the exotics. Anyone here?


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@HeavLeighGill EUR/USD i guess is the most common one out here and why not, EUR offers such stability but I have always liked and favored USD/JPY because of its daily fluctuations which gives me a lot of opportunities to gain more profits. Yes i know its a high risk high reward situation but isn't it why we are all into forex trading .


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Its good to have an objective way to asses which are the most volatile pairs. This can be done using ATR (default set-up daily ATR, 14 day period - "ATR14"). The number of pips per average daily range is not an objective way to compare volatility between different pairs, and even for a single pair, ATR can considerably vary over time.

Right now, ATR14's for the majors are -
EUR/USD = 39 pips (0.3% of price)
AUD/USD = 52 pips (0.7%)
EUR/CHF = 42 pips (0.4%)
EUR/GBP = 29 pips (0.3%)
GBP/JPY = 63 pips (0.4%)
GBP/USD = 63 pips (0.5%)
USD/CHF = 51 pips (0.6%
USD/JPY = 37 pips (0.3%)

Note that pip totals and ATR don't correlate well. Also, the ATR on EUR/USD for example was double where it is today.

By any measure EUR/USD is currently a sleepy pair, implying its very prone to intra-day failing moves, false break-outs, traps and reversals. Sure, its liquid and the spreads are the narrowest, but that could be an expensive price to pay for multiple losses and a low win rate.
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Hey guys what are youre favorite trading pairs and why? :) I want to focus on a few charts where I can follow my chartings for some months. Currently watching EUR/USD GBP/USD EUR/JPY obviously I trade them because I live in EU timezone, also I like the way the candles go in impulsive zones at the mentioned charts and beeing a part of a economic gigantic battle between big sharks and us the small fishes arround is cool :p
I usually trade on GBPUSD, EURJPY, AUDUSD, USDJPY and USDCAD. They have less spread and have good liquidity. If you want me to chose just one pair among these, I may chose GBPUSD.


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I trade USDJPY, EURUSD and exotic USDRUB pair. It's recommended to keep the list of instruments short and study factors affecting their moves extensively if you aim to gain real edge.

Jim B

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I was trading quite a lot of Eurusd and gbyusd. More recently though I’ve started trading gbpjpy more. I tend to stick to the majors.
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