You ready for drop in EUR/USD ?

The General

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In my opinion, EUR/USD looking very weak.

Put 3 sell limit orders in.

Reckon 1.5 big figures.

What do you all think ? :cool:


The General.
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first i think youve youve spelt geberal wrong :LOL: edit: oppps thats got it ;)

lol sorry bout that ;)

agree $ cant fall forever but imho its a little early to start thinking bout selling E/$ many daily / weekly trends still intact and the triangle thats formed over the last month has broken topside.

can wait for the turn but as yet i dont see one.

gl regards


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The General

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FWIW, Short @ 1.2730 (down 15 pips now). Remainder:

Short orders @ 1.2716, 1.2701 and 1.2690.

Be very surprised if doesn't drop below 1.2675 in next 10 hours (can't give a time as I'm in diff time zone).

We'll see eh ?

All the best,

The General.


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Whats the biggest stake anyones put on the euro/dollar :?:


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crikey moses!!.....I guess I'm 'Mr Ultra Cautious'.....I'm double the 500!!.... :confused: :rolleyes: .....still, better safe than sorry.... :devilish:


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I'm treble again ie. capital/3000

mind you I will sometimes throw that caution to the wind and add to a winner so that gives me capital/1500.

No stopping me somedays :)


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:D ....phew, good to hear JP, d'ya trade other instruments?....have been punting Dow also, but now exclusively you, tend to add into positions of late, and like the breathing space of tons of available dosh!....can be a 'killer' when these mothers spike!!

Gordon Gekko

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I disagree gentleman. The EURUSD is looking strong on my charts. At least 1.3000 in my humble opinion before we even see the much awaited decline.


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yep....looking good on mine too Mr Gekko, particularly if 2550 holds up...could make another run to the top!


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decline to 1.2550

I agree, currently short and will get out 20 ticks above the uptrend line which started on 30th. Should be 1.2550 - 80. Will watch for a reversal from there then ride it back up. That's the plan anyhow!

Re: Darktone I think dividing capital by 500 is fairly conservative if you're playing for 30 - 200 tick runs with tight stops. I started with 333 but the losses became too distracting. Would rather build up slower with less stress!

p.s. I'm also checking 200 day MA at around 2550. If that holds I agree with GG 1.3 then 1.34 in very near future.
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